Monday, January 31, 2011

Thoughts in the Morning.


Morning folks!
I was just sitting here at 6:30 am, feeling sleepy and wondering why rowing practice insists on being soooo bloody early, when I thought I could make a post.
Why? Because I'm tired, and might go back to bed unless I give myself something to do.

Incoming text.

Apparently it's -29.C outside today! That is really gross, especially when you take into account the fact that about 4 days ago it was +10.C.
Thanks Calgary! geez.
I don't want to go outside in that!! Why doesn't this building have a tunnel? Even my fish was aware of the sudden temperature change. I'll have to move him farther away from the window soon here...and that makes me pretty glad that my bed is at the farthest point it can be from the window.
And my window is huuuuuuge, too, so it lets in all the cold. The heavy curtains keep out a lot of it though.

Have I mentioned I like curtains?

I should probably go find some food...or my bed. mm.
No! Rowing!

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  1. food and sleep..good idea.

    we are having ice at the moment. very slippery out there.


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