Sunday, January 2, 2011

Details of January


Egg Nachos, earrings, wavy hair, lipchap, my dad's old watch, handmade bracelet, tiny ruins for my fishtank.

Little things make up the bigger picture, and these were the little bits that made my saturday pretty lovely.
It's really great to not have to study or anything, and I still have another week of it left! A couple of my friend that I know from sailing are coming to visit this evening, and for the rest of the week. One of them just got back from Ireland, and I know my entire house can't wait to hear stories of his adventures!
I also can't wait to see my brother's cat's reaction to them....she doesn't like strange men. Should be good.

The sky is a light orange and blue now, with whisps of clouds boardering the mountains. The sun sunk below the hill around 3pm today...maybe a bit later, since we're past the solstice already. I love being in an area that isn't flat. There is no horizon in the mountains...and the only horizon I am used to is the ocean. Even after 4 months in Alberta, the land-horizon still makes me uncomfortable. It's only good for fantastic sunrises. Ah well! At least there is a good view of the nothing from the Archaeology department lounge! haha~

I can't type morse code on here...

_.. ._ ._. _.

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  1. yummy food! love that chap stuff. Sounds like you are in for an interesting rest of the week.


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