Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoolights, fantastic nights


In the first photo, I'm under the biggest giraffe, Haley is under the small one, and neighbor Brandon is looking up in the middle.
In the second photo, it goes Katelyn, me, neighbor Brandon, Haley, and Scott.

(I feel the need to specify which Brandon of the....two I know.)

Those photos are from my building's adventure to the 'famous' Calgary Zoolights! People in the pictures are awesome people I live with, in my wing of the building. None of the animals were out unfortunately, but after an hour of train hopping and wandering through snow, we were pretty content to get some hot chocolate and run around the christmas-oriented zoo with children under our feet, singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas' off key, and very loudly. Fantastic times for everyone~

I also went downtown yesterday on an adventure with my friend Tom, to buy Toms. (I think this is really, really funny..but no one else seems to agree). I got some wicked Toms boots! I'll take pictures of them soon, but I have so say; Brendan! They make the brown ones in Womens! How fantastic is that?
We'd been looking at them for ages, and the website never said you could actually get the brown ones for woman, so I was naturally stoked to find them in this place, which was called Gravity Pope, and was very fancy and expensive.

Mom, I saw the incarnation of the leather boots I have been searching for in there too. They were 350$. I cried inside a little and went to buy my Toms. It was a sad split second or two. Darn shoes!

What else happened? Well, I'm currently writing this in my break from studying. I've been working on my archaeology paper since 1200 today, and this is defiantly a well needed rest! It's pretty much finished now however, and I just need to get someone to edit it, and finish the references and we'll be set!

Also Brandon? These signs are the most hilarious thing ever!



  1. Such cool lights! Yeah! for TOMS. Sorry, about those lovely boots.

  2. WO-HO-HO-HO!
    How do you know my sister [Haley]?
    Are you THAT Robyn?
    WOW. This is like, astounding.
    I was reading your blog and then BAM. Picture.
    I was like "uh-buhhhhhh..."
    Are you going to UofC?


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