Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study Archaeology!


Oh my goodness, Archaeological Theory takes so long to go over! There are a zillion little lists and people to remember. I just had to remember three different people with the first name 'Robert'. ... who..I shall now tell you about!


Robert Braidwood, in the 1940's, came up with the Hilly Flank Theory stating that the domestication of plants/animals was a natural step for a previously hunter-gatherer society which was settling.

Robert Carneiro, in 1970, came up with the Coercion Hypothesis which explained the entrance of a centeralized authority as a result of populations becoming to packed together and wars breaking out. The militaries needed guidance, and so the evolution of centralized authority came about to lead the warriors.

Robert Adams came up with the Multiple Cause Model god only knows when, as another means of explaining the development of centeralized authority. He stated that with a need for agricultural surplus came people who would 'administer' said surplus. They also needed to advance their irigation systems which people ended up controlling as well. This all lead to a centralized power of wealthy individuals.


at least I went to the grocery store today and actually have apples and oatmeal and crackers (and soup and ginger ale) again! Hurrah!
Now I could actually hole up in here for a few days (and I do intend to..)

eeeexaaaaaammmmssss D:

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