Friday, December 10, 2010

Lost in the storm.


(Tommy hilfiger cardigan, Suzy Shier blouse, H&M tanktop, GAP jeans, Forever 21 headband)

The sunrise yesterday morning was brilliant! I didn't edit that photo at all, the colours were actually that brilliant. I wish the entire view out of my window was like that....just brilliant colour forever. It really reminds me of a book I remember reading years ago, about a little boy trying to capture the colours of a sunset in paint. It was lovely~

I look less like a slob today. It was snowing really hard when I woke up this morning and trudged to my last Archaeology 201 class at 7:30am, but I was just so pleased to have finished my Geology lab final yesterday that I thought maybe...putting an ounce of thought into getting dressed was in order.
(actually I was thinking I might wear a dress today, but the weather said nay to that one)

I spent a good deal of the afternoon teaching Brandon how to sew a bit, via skype. Yay! I hope his project is going well, and I do expect pictures at some point (I know you'll read this at some point too! ha!)

One final down, 5 more to go.

Oh god.

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  1. wow, how quick it all goes by. Love the headband. Great sky too!


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