Friday, December 17, 2010



Oh hey blog-world. My computer hates me again.
Surprised? I wasn't either.

It has a virus or something, so get ready for some (even more so than usual) eratic posting patterns!

I'm shocked and awed that it even was willing to let me blog today! Yesterday I couldn't get any of the programs to over, other than the internet. I wonder what the change of heart was... oh no...
It's probably plotting something much, much worse! hide!

I have the rest of this evening, and all of tomorrow in which to do NOTHING AT ALL related to school. Or nothing at all related to anything, if I want. I might just lay in my bed allllll day long and eat sunchips and watch startrek.
That's a lie, I have things to do. Just not study-related things.
(this is then followed by three solid days of mad learn-geology times. Oh dear)

Also, I have been living in that sweater! Weeeell night quite living persay, but wearing a large majority of the time!
I dislike that I can't formulte my thoughts into very long sentences at the brain is either broken or taking a nap at the moment. It's been a week of solid killing-myself, and tomorrow will be just the best!

My foot's totally asleep, and there is curry in the fridge.

One More Exam!!!!!!!

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