Monday, December 13, 2010



That is what my weekend consisted of. (also..rice, and chocolate, christmas music, and gingerale)

I had my Archaeology 201 final this morning at 8am! There were 60 multiple choice questions and a bonus. I feel like I knew it? It always throws me off though, when there are good answers, not so good answers, and then ambiguous ones stating simply 'none of the above' or 'all of the above'. Ugg.

Here's hoping I did alright! (There were questions on both Carneiro and Braidwood, which I rocked, thank you)

With that exam out of the way...I have two more to look forward to on Wed, one on friday, and one on neeeeext wed. But! I'm not doing to badly yet! I mean I haven't died or anything, or lost toooo much sleep over anything yet. yet.

Sorry I don't have anything more substancial to talk about here!
I'm looking forward to Christmas break, and seeing my family and a ton of awesome friends! It's going to be great~ I've never been away from all of this for this long, of course, so I think that is going to make the break that much more special.

Also, my ears are doing well.


  1. Gotta keep it simple so you can focus. Sounds like a lovely weekend, to me.

  2. good luck, good luck, good luck! also your earrings below look AWESOME!


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