Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter is for mochas, movies, and music.

(Smartset pea-coat, a friend's scarf, handmade toque, garage tights, assorted socks, Fossil bag, boots?, Old navy jeans, Old navy sweater, handmade wool vest)

And we're back! After a week of fighting with the ...lovely...staff of Dell Computers, I fiiiiiiinally got my computer fixed! I know they were just doing their job, and trying to follow a certainy order of procediers, but when I already know what's wrong (and this is me we're talking illiterate) I would have hoped they could have figured out the problem.
It was so the fan's fault.
So I had the fan and the memory replaced, and everything is operational and fantastic! It hasn't shut off of anything silly since it was fixed, as the people I spoke to on skype yesterday for ages with will already know! Skype was even co-operating pretty well, which was a bit of a shock to everyone.

Anyways..what have I been up to? Trying not to freeze to death would be part of it, to be sure! It snowed last week, as you can see there.
Let me rephrase that. -ahem-
It started to snow last week. Has it actually stopped for more than two hours? No! What is the temperature outside right now, you ask?
Why it's -22.C .
Mmmm, I'm not all together pleased with that turn of events, but I am so very pleased I have my peacoat. Sailors were clearly the best of people, and knew exactly what they were doing when they used peacoats at sea. Nothing can get through those things! (it's wool)

That's pretty much all my news as of late, I think.
I've got to scan some drawins into my archaeology paper now, and wash my hair? And go buy mittens? (why don't I have mittens?!)
Have a lovely day!

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  1. You are so creative! I hope all is well with the computer now.

    Yeap, I do love my brother's peacoat from the navy.


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