Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wed Night.

So I'm sitting here in my friend's room right now. She's not here...she got a phone call and wandered a while ago. I'm not sure if I should actually leave the room and go back to my own yet (I sort of want to skype the family) or wait for her to get back and make sure she doesn't get locked out. Dunno!

But I was just reading 'sasha was the happiest orange' (it's in the favorite blogs bar there), which is written by one of my dearest and most awesome friends, and she mentioned wanting to travel. Oh Sasha, how I too, dearly want to go off and adventure! Can I not just put school on hold and go on a backpacking trip through northern Scotland? That would be the greatest. Or perhaps get a sailboat and hole up in some magical, misty cove on the west coast of Vancouver Island; playing my mandolin for days on end and watching the phosphorescent kritters in the water swim around madely as I drop in grains of rice of something of the like. That would be so very ideal. Another awesome friend is headed off to Ireland in a few days and I so wish I could go with him!

I want to do a semester and/or year abroad. Maybe in Aberdeen. It's called the 'Grey city' which would fit perfectly in with my mandate of wearing grey sweaters aaaaaall the time. NE coast of Scotland? I think I could handle that! Apparently the viking sites there are awesome or something, which is good for the archaeologist in me. me, what am I saying! is me~ Far more like it.

I've also been looking at ear plugs. I've liked them for ages, but I'm not sure if I can ever bring myself to start it. They look so cool though, and I wouldn't go very big. We'll have to see how the world turns on this one. If I still want them after ages of thinking about it, then maybe it will happen. Maybe.

I need a haircut..again. (sorry Sam, I still say that a lot) It's just getting so darn thick on the one bit that actually has any substance too it! I'm going to get an undercut done, to take out a ton of the bulk. Possibly tomorrow, after or before I hunt down and purchase 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'! Do you have any idea how excited I was to see that that movie had come out on DVD? So incredibly stoked! My neightbor offered to download it for me, which is usually something I'd agree too since it's free, but for this one movie, I totally have to own it legally. It's just that fantastic. I shall find it, and buy it, and watch it a million times, and bring it home at Christmas and we'll watch it another million times, and eeeeveryone will be sick of it!

She's still not back...I'm going to make popcorn and watch some Big Bang Theory.
or skype.. whatever.


  1. Yeah, I went to see the film and I so want it on DVD. But I have to say I really liked him in Youth in Revolt too..a great soundtrack as well.

    Hope you get set for your adventures. Getting to feel like winter here.

  2. 1. YOU LIKE BIG BANG?!?!! Squeee!!

    2. Why thank you, lady! You know what I think? My brother, in his third year of undergrad, was able to do a year abroad in London. And another friend of mine is in her third year at UBC, doing a year in Holland, I think. So I'm guessing the norm is that in your third year, you can apply for an exchange. I am most DEFINITELY doing that, too. Hopefully somewhere in Asia; I have a strange fascination without magnificently different it is, compare to north america. Anyway.

    3. If you want Vikings, go to Scandanavia!!

    4. Tell me if the Scott Pilgrim movie is any good - I heard that since it's not that great - but that came from a couple of die-hard fans of the original comic books.

    much love!


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