Tuesday, November 30, 2010

of phones, sunrise, and mummies.



the phone.
This morning I got up bring and early (and my earring stuck to the blanket...ouch) and went to do a bit of rowing/erging at the gym with my friend Laura. We were chilly from walking across our icy field of death, and went to warm up on the ergs for a while. Laura set her lovely new Iphone on the body of the erg, with a timer set up on it so we'd know how long we'd been rowing.
This worked well for a couple of minutes, until the crossbar slipped from Laura's hands.
This happens sometimes on ergs, but not quite like this!
The bar slips from her hands, and went ripping forward into the machine with a resounding CRASH.
Neither of us quite realized what had happened for a moment or two, but we just trying to figure out why it was such a loud noise. Then I noticed there was suddenly a crack on the small display screen of the erg, running right through the middle.
Oh my goodness how did that happen?! The screen is really far away from the bar!
Then we looked down at the phone...and Laura was devastated to find that the crossbar had smashed the speaker in the top, and almost shattered the entire screen. By some miracle, it still works, but there were glass bits all over the place!

This seems to be what happened: The bar slipped, and one end as it turned connected with the phone which sent the crossbar upwards a bit, allowed the other end to connect with the display screen of the erg before slamming all the way backwards.

The sunrise.
I photographed it at different stages this morning and put it together for you all to enjoy; the red prairie sun rising over downtown Calgary. I hadn't seen a good sunrise for a few days here! The snow-clouds are pretty low, and usually over it up.

the mummies.
My archaeology prof. lent me a book yesterday, on a program we watched in class but didn't get to finish. I really wanted to see how the excavation turned out so he is letting me borrow it! hurrah! I just have to have it finished in two weeks or so...hmmm...
The book is called 'Frozen in Time, Unlocking the secrets of the Franklin Expedition' and it's about the mission, and the excavation of three sailors from Frankin's ship HMS Erebus and the other, HMS Terror. (ships which, I must add, were on Sir. James Clark Ross's year journy from 1839-43 to the Antarctic!!)
The bodies had been so perfectly preserved in the ice for 138 years that they Still. Had. Eyes.


How fantastic is that?!

I won't post pictures, but if you're interested search 'John Torrington' in images.

PS. that snake-like picture is my attempt to photo-stich my room together...it didn't work well, but I thought I'd share~

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  1. wow, what an interesting day. I do feel bad for your friend & her phone.


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