Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suit-up Day

(H&M Poncho, Old Navy jeans, Italian suede boots, H&M tanktop, thrifted scarf, legwarmers on my arms..?)

Dekar said it's 'Suit-up Day' but I've been wearing a poncho for a while. It's pretty well the most comfortable-yet-impractical thing in the entire world. Also my suit is back at home, which is most unfortunate!

Today I was in the elevator with a young man who either looked like a model, or an indie-band's lead vocal/guitarist. And he had a not-mountain bike. And I was pleased.

I am also pleased that during my erg test yesterday,I brought my 500m split down, even though it was a longer distance! from 2:07.00 to 2:04.00 :D

I must also report that I thought that knife was odd-looking and a bit overpriced when I bought it, but I really needed one for apples and whatever...and I take it back. It's brilliant! You hardly even have to move it! The apple is like butter in it's fantastic teeth~

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  1. Cool Wednesday for sure for you..Like the poncho. Hope you have a grand weekend, too.


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