Friday, October 29, 2010

I travel with the currents

(Smartset wool pean-coat, Dynamite trousers, vegan TOMS, headband)

Yesterday me and my friend made cupcakes again, but this time all the ingredients were actually the right temperature and they turned out light and fluffy and amazing! The rainbow ones were actually super-dry, which wasn't too fantastic at all. I took three home with me, and I have a feeling the 10 we left at his house aren't going to make it past today or so.

Today I have to write a linguistics midterm, clean my room up so I'm not coming home to a volcano, and pack! We have a rowing regatta this weekend (over halloween, I know...) which is going to be fantastic! Some of my very good friends are coming from there respective placing of habitation to see the race/have a lovely visit. I'm super excited to see them!

In other news: might be working a bit at a bookbinding shop~ how wicked is that?!

In more, other news: We're missing what is going to be a ridiculous halloween party on the 30th...darn.

Now back to some early-morning studying!
See you all on the other side of these races~


  1. Good luck at the races. Cupcakes need to be eaten anyway..and shared..don't want them all for yourself. I bet everyone loved them. Cool..about your TOMS just got a new pair myself..although, not the really expensive ones I want. I got the ones for the Ethiopia wells at the moment. The ones I want are black with really great tie ons..although, you don't really have to tie them.

    All the best.

  2. Robyn... is that a seal on the far right side of your bed? and am i loosing it, or have you not had that thing for years and years? even in your old house??
    and i looove your headband. it's darling :)


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