Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Head of the Weasel

( H&M top, thrifted hemp pants, headband)

My brother calls that part of my room 'The hippy bed', which is totally fine with me! It's awesome and there are clearly small rugs gracing my wall now.

And those are all the blisters (on just that hand...) I came home from rowing with on sunday afternoon. They've mostly sort of solidified into some form of callouses now..but I get the feeling they are going to be coming back. And I now know what my friend Ryan meant when he asked if I was getting a callous on the back of my right hand. I don't know so much about callouses..but there are some missing chunks of skin! (head of the weasel is my race on saturday. We're not in the novice category anymore! :O )

I've been studying archaeology for a while today, and a ton yesterday, and then I worked on my museum essay for an hour. It is to have 2000 words...and I already have 1063, and it's not due until November 18th! How lovely is that? I enjoy being on top of things~

Back to studying? Or maybe I need tea...

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  1. ouch..on those blisters. Love the hippieness of the room.


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