Sunday, October 17, 2010

Battle Wounds

Disclaimer: The subject of this photo may prove to be slightly unsuitable for younger audiences. Just pretend it's Halloween makeup, since it's really not that bad.


Now, I don't know if I mentioned before, but in order to get both of the oars when you are 'sculling' in a rowing shell (rowing with two oars at once, that is), you sort of have to rub the handle of the left oar on the top of your right hand.

no pain no gain, right?

The funny thing was this didn't hurt all the much just kept bleeding....for most of our circuit. My partner's hand started too, and by the end of it we sort of looked like zombies, and we had to scrub blood off the oar handles before we put them away.
It was unfortunately fun to see peoples' reactions to our hands, since it didn't hurt! (the cuts were actually only mm's across)

So yesterday I was in a rowing regatta called 'Head of the Weasel'. It was my first race in a double, and even though we didn't win anything I think it went really well! The water was super-choppy, and we'd never done it before, and it was a 4km it was fun, overall~ We had to be at the club from 7am-5:30pm, and the entire time (I'll re stress that: ENTIRE TIME) we could see our breath, and were cold. Quite cold.

I didn't race until 2pm, so when one of the other girls announced she was going to MEC to get some better tights, I lept on the invitation. I got some heavy duty 'smartwool' socks, as my feet were totally freezing, and as you probably know, when your toes get cold nothing else is comfortable in any way.

So I bought expensive socks!

But, that was the absolute best 23$ ever spent. Ever spent in the history of my spending, ever. My toes were so happy and warm after that, I hardly cared that everything else was still very chilled!

Sorry I don't have more pictures, but I didn't even think to bring my camera!
Today I've got to go to the museum and get more information for my paper, and then teach a friend how to crochet. Sounds fun!

ps: I slept from 7:30pm last night until 7am today....yesterday was extremely tiring! :O


  1. OMG..argh..I hope you are OK. I'm glad you got some rest too.


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