Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad Wolf

(thrifted handmade sweater, thrifted scarf, H&M tank top, GAP shorts, Garage knit stockings, thrifted belt, Italian suede boots)

I have noticed a few things are lacking from the human race lately. Those things being wristwatches, and pants.

How many times a day do people hunt though their pockes, purses, or packs in search of a cellphone to tell them the time? There is in fact a handly little invention that attached itself to your wrist and tells you the time every moment of every day. I confess that I too, don't wear a wristwatch, but I do have a lovely anolog clock on a clip attached to the outside of my favorite bag. It's waterproof and very outdoor-sy.

Secondly...since when is it ok to wear leggings as pants, all the time? It really looks odd, from my point of view at least, when a girl walks by wearing a normal shirt and..leggings. The shirt isn't even long enough that you could begin to pretend that it's 'a t-shirt dress, really!' The closests I've come to doing that is running around in my rowing spandex...because they are cool, and I have to take a bus to get to the boathouse.

The last photo there is from my Archaeology lab yesterday, where we spend a good 2 hours digging around in the sandbox. It's great~ The best bit was when a girl beside me realized how slow it was going to be and exclaimed 'Who would major in this?!' to which I slowely turned around and grinned. All fun, and dusty!

Bad Wolf because there is a rock on campus right now painted blue, with bad wolf written all over it. I'm going to get a picture later, and then I'll share it! Dr.Who, anyone?


  1. Yeah, those skinny jeans and leggins..very confusing. And yeah..I so need a watch. A really good one. I so miss a watch.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's realized the leggings epidemic. Keeping it classy with at least a pair of shirts or maybe an extra extra EXTRA long tank top is the way to go, if you're gonna go there.

    and i definitely thought you were creeping kids in the sandbox before i read what you said. so that's good that you're not going after small children.

  3. I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. Man I wish I weren't so effin lazy.
    I saw a girl on campus yesterday wearing an outfit I think you would have really liked...it's hard to describe...the pants were, like, creased tan men's business slacks, but for women, with a thin belt and some pant poking out the top, and then argh i forget the shirt but it was really cool.


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