Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventures to tomatoes!

(thrifted scarf, sweater, pants and belt,H&M tops, handmade(by me) hat)


let me rephrase this: I found tomatoes from CANADA, and from ALBERTA on top of that! This is a major victory on my part! Also pears...and jam, and other fantastic things like hemp granola. (hemp granola is my bestest friend)

They also carry the brand of soap/shampoo that I use, and it's even cheaper than the stuff at home. Now it's ok if I run out of something, because this store is only 4 stops away from the university via train, and I was super excited! I showed it to my neighbor as we went on our usual tuesday hunt for groceries and he's totally in love with it too.
(mom, then have those fantastic organic chocolate truffles. When my midterms are finished I'm buying a box~ hehe)
They also have these wicked little metal lunch tins, and I've decided to get one in order to complete my plan of actually eating properly. Or...at all, between an early breakfast and late dinner. (because as of this moment, I don't have anything to keep food in as I run around all day)

Geology lab midterm is coming up, which I am terrified for even though I've been over all the stuff a million times and will be going over it all again..tonight, and probably right before my exam too.

Linguistics homework! (it's fun! is that bad? haha)

Bad Wolf.


  1. ROBYN!

    Whazup, i missed you! How have you been? :))
    I came back to the blogging world! It's nice to see that you are still blogging ♥


  2. Love the hat. Beautiful tomatoes too!

  3. haven`t you heard - the prairie people are farm people! of course there`s going to be splendid tomatoes! and potatoes... cause i know you love those too ;)

    you`re terrific; i wish i could study as well as you seem to be able to. :)

    will you be in BC for Christmas?


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