Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And she had just the coziest of rooms.

(winner's top, GAP spring skirt, Bluenotes lace socks, Italian suede boots, teak bangle, sweater from?)

Today I had 4 classes that were over at 2pm. I then decided that I would purchase that sweater from a shop on campus because I'd been staring at it's cape-like wonderfulness all week. It's it just the coolest? The arms are actually long enough too! huzzah!

My classes are going really well so far. I've got a bit of reading to do, but I've got nothing compared to the Engineering and BioSci students in my lovely 5W wing here.

Yesterday my neighbor to my left ran over with a usb stick and put a pile of modern bagpipe music into my computer. It's ever so cool! The Mist covered Mountains is on the list, but with nothing but bagpipes and a violin as backup, which is totally wicked.

Arrg darn internet, I must read more textbooks!

PS: I wasn't wearing this all day, just for my last too classes. The morning was yucky, but I came out of Linguistics and it had cleared off a bit so I skipped home to put on a skirt. Hurrah!

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