Thursday, August 26, 2010

Museum Tea / blog birthday!

Today was my last huge day at the museum in town here, where I volunteer. I spent ages putting accession numbers on various (scary) old medical tools which was far more interesting than I thought it was going to be! (you get to play with all the artifacts...) Then at tea time, I and another fellow who's leaving for school soon, were surprised with the use of the 'fancy' tea cups and fantastic chocolate cake.
They even went through such lengths as to get cake that had no cream it in what-so-ever, and was super-dark chocolate for me. So yummy!
I'm really going to miss everyone there a lot, they are such fantastic people! I'll be sure to visit the museum whenever I'm actually in town from now onwards~ <3

Excuse my very cluttered room!

PS: Oh my goodness, I just realized that my blog is now 1 year and 12 days old! That's pretty crazy, I wasn't sure if I could keep it running that long! Yay!


  1. happy blog birthday, and congratulations! it's always such a pleasure to read unravel the turtle :)

  2. Happy Blogging! Always! so sweet about the tea. You look a wee bit tired from all that work. Hope you have a fab weekend.


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