Friday, August 20, 2010

I can't wear skirts at work


But I can wear them afterwards! But I wasn't sure what belt to use (this is from Wed)

Yesterday my friend Deirdre came to visit from the Island, and we had a grand time swimming around in the freezing lake and following it up by eating way way too much spicy Indian food. But there is nothing wrong with that. (especially when it is mostly rice and potatoes. mmm )

Also, I got my hair cut again! It's disconnected now...meaning the long bit doesn't fade back into the short bit, it just ends. suddenly!

Hi Karen!


  1. dude it's like a mohawk of sorts! im so jealous you can pull that off...and i love your skirt...and i love you. and i miss you. i wish i could get off this damn island and visit youu!!!!!!

    love sasha =)

  2. love the haircut, also love how you've belted your top there!

  3. First time I've been to your blog but gotta say, awesome haircut! I love asymmetrical cuts.


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