Monday, July 5, 2010

A bedraggled mess?

I felt I needed to share a photo of what I look like when I'm...even less put together than I usually am. Say after, perhaps, a jump into the lake fully clothed?


My shirt reads: 'One Wheel is Better', because is!

I also wanted say that I did an awesome deed for my friend yesterday. She was having some awful woman-pains at work and I went home and brewed her some rasberry tea from scratch because it's supposed to help with things like that. And then I drove it to her house, a good 15+ minutes away. She was very very suprised! No one brews homemade tea for people on a whim anymore, I suppose. Anyways, she drank the entire 1L I'd made.

And it made me think to ask all of you: Have you done/recieved a random act of Kindness recently?

Also!! I just noticed I was tagged over on Casual Ambiguity to talk about what my life will be like in 10 years, or something of the sort.
Here we go!
In 10 years I hope to be...finished my Master's Degree in Marine Archaeology. Maybe I'll get some awesome job in the UK someplace, since I intend to get my degree over there. U of Edinburgh or UCL, perhaps? If possible, I think I'd like to work for Blue Water Recoveries with Mr.David Mearns...but that is mostly because I feel the NEED to go on the mission to find and recover Shackleton's Endurance. I'd the 28 by then. Hmmm I wouldn't mind having a house by then, or at least..something of my own. a tent? That's all I've got so far. haha

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Sounds like fun!! Good luck on the tent front, always good to aim high :P (jokes...)

    I saw a marine archaeologist talking about something or other on tv last night and remember thinking 'hmm never heard of that job before' and now, voila! what's that thing umm... french words... umm ... de ja vu a little?!

    (I suppose I could have deleted the evidence of my mental blank but oh well)


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