Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What can you do with 3 days left of High School?

My SHIFT key on this laptop isn't very sensitive. Or perhaps I just don't push hard enough as I'm gliding over the keyboard typing this out for all of your lovely bloggers out there! And lurkers? Are there lurkers too? Hello?

So This has become a count-down to the end of school! I can't believe that all of grade-school is almost over forever. It's sort a strange thing to wrap your head around, seeing as it is something (ohh I just hate typing more than two two-letter words in a row!) that we've been doing all of our lives, practically. I'm sure there are loads of people who hardly have memory of not being in school, and here it is, the definition of what we as a people do with the major 12 years of our childhood...ending in three days.

this is what I wore on the Tuesday of the last week ever:

(Bellina top, thrifted handmade sweater, Dream shorts, Italian leather shoes from Paris, Venician glass necklace)

I had this strange feeling all day long that my shorts looked really reaaaally strange with everything else I was wearing. Ah well, though.

You know, sitting here thinking about schooling, I can't really say I'm sad to see it go! I can't wait to see new places (even if they are farther from the coast..-grumble, grumble-), meet new people (this is hard for me, but I'll try hard!), and actually take classes I'm interested in (even if they start at 8)!
I know I'll miss my family, and be really homesick, but I think I'll take everything in small strides and get used to things slowely, and no matter what my friend seems to think I will be like based on her experience, not mine, I will make it through and be just fine! One has to be able to cope very well with change if one is going to be an explorer~

I hope you've not all been scared away by these sort of reflective-blogs I've been doing lately. I've just needed to orginize my thoughts properly, and this seemed the best place!


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  1. I love your shirt...and your shoes. I will eventually find a pair of shoes like that if it's the last thing I do.

    Do you care if I link you on my side bar?(:


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