Saturday, June 19, 2010

june 19th, in which Robyn had a fantastic time and is now dirt-tired.

Even though it's only 9pm I'm so tired, I'll probably be going to bed in the next few minutes here.
But I had to share my adventures over the last 24 hours first, starting with (but totally out of order), the launch of my family's sail-boat, Morning Star.


Photo cred for these shots goes to my wonderful mother! :D
Morning Star is an Enterprise-class 'dingy' sailing boat. Her mast is taller than it should be, but that's ok! the jib has awful sunspots which really isn't ok but will have to make do for now. Isn't she lovely?!

In other news, yesterday was my very last day of high school classes ever, and we didn't do squat. got people to sign my yearbook...found out that I will know someone at university next year (so stoked to discover that!)...went to a friend's for a party.
haha. The party is the reason I'm tired. I'm really horrible at staying up late and not being dead the next morning, and I'm pretty sure I only got 2 hours of sleep last night if even that much. We swam in a pool at 11pm, and piled four of us onto kiddie-floaty-airplane. We ate way to much junk food and talked too loudly. We lay on the couches and watched movies, and eventually fell asleep on the floor in something of a cozy pile, surrounded by people I love.

I enjoyed myself~

I also had my first day of Henna Hut-ing. That was neat, and I actually made some money! :D fantastic!

I'm going to bed, have a wonderful night all of you! <3

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  1. what a very cute sail boat :) and hey for some reason my blogger stopped me from following you :( so i am following your blog again now:)


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