Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The end of 13 years of public education, and a window or new adventures opening up before us.

Or better yet, lets just call it GRAD NIGHT!!!!!

Guys, this is crazy! My graduation ceremony is being held in just...2 hours from now. It's insanely hard to comprehend, much less spell properly without the spell check (thanks dear, you help a lot!)

In order to calm myself down I'll show you pictures of my outfit today, and my lunch.

This outfit was inspired by the fact that after today, I consider myself to be totally an adult. I'll be stearing my own path to excitment and navigating all waterways of life. I'll also be sailing in a few weeks, which is where all these nautical-references really come into play.
Nautical stripes, a solid top, ragedy necklace, and a fantastic linen blazer? I think I'm ready for anything now!


(GAP linen blazer, GAP striped skirt, Suzy Shier lace tanktop, flipflops?, DIY hemp necklace)

I went to our ceremony rehersal in that outfit and even managed to keep the jacket on for the entire program. They managed to keep the place very well air conditioned. (I'm shocked!)

For lunch I have nacho-eggs.


If you think the eggs look a bit brown, it's because I actually don't like the taste of eggs on their own. I mix them with grated cheese, and then fry them within an inch of whatever remains of their tiny little egg-lives. And then eat them.
Aren't I just fantastic? :D
Just dump salsa over the eggs, which you've dumped over the chips, and there you have it. Very, very good, and I will totally be having that again for lunch in the future.

Sorry about all the graduation posts, but this isn't to be the last. The last will be on Thursday or so, after prom. Expect photos!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rain-Sailing is quite the adventure, my dears.

(skirt and floral top, GAP)

I wore this pile of floral / and flowing things yesterday to visit the lovely farmer's market as I do so often. The shirt is the coolest thing ever, I've decided! I got it at the GAP the other day, when I got the other things there. From across the store you can't tell the pattern, but if you walked close up to examine the interesting designs...


Isn't that lovely? So light and delicate, and flowing in the wind. It actually kept me quite cool as I walked around outside in the blazing sun (which is something I dislike doing often, I burn a lot..)

Then I went into a lovely vintage store called 'Vintage and Vogue' which my town is luuuuuuucky enough to have! It's chocked full of fantastic, if slightly over-priced but well-preserved, vintage clothing and accessories. I was searching for lace gloves and discovered that everyone from the 50's had bloody tiny little short fingers!


Just lovely~ Good thing crochetting stretches quite a bit, eh? They shall go with my prom dress on Wed, so I can eligantly wave at people. I'll be sure to take some photos, not to worry.

The rain-sailing title referes to...well...sailing in the rain today! We had a heck of a lot more wind that we were actually ready for (having only sailed our boat twice now). I got to use the extention tiller while hiking out a bit on a hard port-tack, which was really something! We were caught in irons for a little bit...but we were also stuck in the middle of a larger boat-race, and had to sit there for a few minutes anyways, amdist the white-caps. such fun!
I'm glad we didn't flip.

Grad Photo! My school has horse statues out front, and we decided to ride them in our gowns for a photo of 2...or 10.


Tada! hope you all enjoyed that!
I have work tomorrow, then monopoly, I think. :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

'Tis a sailor over the water, I find!

This morning my mum and I drove up to a city about an hour away from our...town/city, and went shopping!

My favorite thing about summer clothing this year is the heavy references to nautical themes. Me being a very, very nautical-themed person (at least in my mind), I feel at home in the clothes!

And so I attacked the GAP. I love their stuff way to much, and bought a not-so-small bundle of blue things. (and a blazer, but you'll see that another day)


(GAP striped top and skirt, sailor's hat from Tilamook, OR.)

I think the best thing about that skirt is the weight of the materials used in the outside and the slip underneath. Lets see the wind even try to budge that thing! It's pretty heavy, for a skirt. Unsuitable to play Twister in though.

hope you're all having a fantastic Day!

oh, and lastly..I have something to announce: -ahem-

I'M FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you!
I'm off to make pizza.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I spent my entire afternoon playing monopoly today with a bunch of my friends in an empty classroom at school. It was wickedly fun and even though I was out after an hour I sat there drinking tea and talking to another friend who wasn't playing. It was Star Wars monopoly too!


Those are some old yoga-like capris I've had for years but never really liked. I decided I needed a pair of shorts the other day and hacked them up (and then 'neatly' hemmed them too). All things, such as my ability to sew, considering they actually turned out rather well.
Just in time too, it's getting bloody hot outside!

(handmade necklace, suzy shirt lace top, DIY shorts, ..do I ever wear shoes?)

Starting to be able to tolerate exposing my legs, but only because it's really hot! I think my ability to cope with the horrid heat of this valley goes down every year. Good thing I'm moving to an ice-burg-land! burg? burge?

And for those of you who knows about Dr. Who...


Also, since I suspect that picture is going to be sideways....can anyone tell me why?! Because I turned it in photobucket already, but it doesn't stay turned anymore! frustrating. Any help?

have a lovely day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall, or at least a very wet spring. not summer. (thank goodness)

If you'll believe me, I sang that title in my head as I typed it. Not out loud though, as I'm too lazy at the moment to actually engage my vocal cords. When someone calls 'CAKE' however, I shall loudly declare how much I want some!


(Blue sarong, suzy shier top, handmade necklace, old navy floral strapless sundress, portia purple sandles)

I thought folding the sundress in on itself to make it only a skirt for the day was a great idea. Unfortunatly it made it a biiiiiit lumpy at the top, which is the real reason the sarong is there! That and...I liked it?

Just like I liked the necklace I'm wearing in the photos. I saw a girl with one like that while I was working yesterday and thought 'I can make that!'
Stealing the 'P.S. I Made This' movement slogan for a moment as I say 'I see it, I want it, I make it!'. (because I do that exact sequence a lot. a lot.


It's hemp, braided, and leather cording tied to various objects, and tied into a large lump at the center. It has a charm in the shape of a lock, an actual lock, a small metal sand-dollar, a leather tassel, and a spotted feather. At the top of all the leather cords I tied a small knot, so when I was wrapping them in there with string they couldn't catch on somethign and pull out. A bit of an snchor, if you will!

It's nice and unorganized, and makes me feel like a bit of a witch-doctor or something.
If any of you make one, I'd love to see your results.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

june 19th, in which Robyn had a fantastic time and is now dirt-tired.

Even though it's only 9pm I'm so tired, I'll probably be going to bed in the next few minutes here.
But I had to share my adventures over the last 24 hours first, starting with (but totally out of order), the launch of my family's sail-boat, Morning Star.


Photo cred for these shots goes to my wonderful mother! :D
Morning Star is an Enterprise-class 'dingy' sailing boat. Her mast is taller than it should be, but that's ok! the jib has awful sunspots which really isn't ok but will have to make do for now. Isn't she lovely?!

In other news, yesterday was my very last day of high school classes ever, and we didn't do squat. got people to sign my yearbook...found out that I will know someone at university next year (so stoked to discover that!)...went to a friend's for a party.
haha. The party is the reason I'm tired. I'm really horrible at staying up late and not being dead the next morning, and I'm pretty sure I only got 2 hours of sleep last night if even that much. We swam in a pool at 11pm, and piled four of us onto kiddie-floaty-airplane. We ate way to much junk food and talked too loudly. We lay on the couches and watched movies, and eventually fell asleep on the floor in something of a cozy pile, surrounded by people I love.

I enjoyed myself~

I also had my first day of Henna Hut-ing. That was neat, and I actually made some money! :D fantastic!

I'm going to bed, have a wonderful night all of you! <3

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What can you do with 3 days left of High School?

My SHIFT key on this laptop isn't very sensitive. Or perhaps I just don't push hard enough as I'm gliding over the keyboard typing this out for all of your lovely bloggers out there! And lurkers? Are there lurkers too? Hello?

So This has become a count-down to the end of school! I can't believe that all of grade-school is almost over forever. It's sort a strange thing to wrap your head around, seeing as it is something (ohh I just hate typing more than two two-letter words in a row!) that we've been doing all of our lives, practically. I'm sure there are loads of people who hardly have memory of not being in school, and here it is, the definition of what we as a people do with the major 12 years of our childhood...ending in three days.

this is what I wore on the Tuesday of the last week ever:

(Bellina top, thrifted handmade sweater, Dream shorts, Italian leather shoes from Paris, Venician glass necklace)

I had this strange feeling all day long that my shorts looked really reaaaally strange with everything else I was wearing. Ah well, though.

You know, sitting here thinking about schooling, I can't really say I'm sad to see it go! I can't wait to see new places (even if they are farther from the coast..-grumble, grumble-), meet new people (this is hard for me, but I'll try hard!), and actually take classes I'm interested in (even if they start at 8)!
I know I'll miss my family, and be really homesick, but I think I'll take everything in small strides and get used to things slowely, and no matter what my friend seems to think I will be like based on her experience, not mine, I will make it through and be just fine! One has to be able to cope very well with change if one is going to be an explorer~

I hope you've not all been scared away by these sort of reflective-blogs I've been doing lately. I've just needed to orginize my thoughts properly, and this seemed the best place!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

News from the center of the yarn-tree forest!

NEWS: I got a bit of a summer job at a place called the Henna Hut! Facepainting/henna tattoos? Wicked awesome~

So sorry I've been an aweful blogger this week! My final Lit project is due next week, but I've been trying to get it finished for monday. I think it will be finished soon! I'll take pictures, not to worry chaps.

Today it's looking gracefully sunny outside, not too hot, not too cold...that sort of thing. It was the perfect chance to wear my new sundress from Seattle! (alright so that was a couple weeks ago...I still hadn't worn it until today)


(Old navy strapless sundress, Bootlegger grey sweater, Parisian silk scarf)

I really enjoyed playing with the harsh lighting outside this morning! It looked really neat against my usually photo wall (which isn't even my wall, shhhhhh)

But more importantly! I thought I'd show you the ?!?!?!?! picture's real reason!


tada! "It's the start, of something new! da da daaa da daDa da" Goodness, lets not start up with any of that.
Those fellows up there are to be for sale at a store in town here called Propeller.
Here! Have a website --> CLICK?!
I really love the vide their interior design gives off. It seems so peaceful and fantastic! I can't wait to see how these little stuffie fellows do. If you're in the area, totally drop by their shop!

Lastly before I have to go study, and stop procrastinating for the 4 hour in a row..ha...I have some pictures to show off of my prom dress again! Except for picking out a necklace, I've pretty much gotten ready on that account.



So maybe a tool shed wasn't the greatest place to take a picture...but I did have to answer to the allure of the block of hay.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend out there! Ciao!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9th.


(GAP top, ? shorts, Garage tank, knitted cowl, painted converse)

Last band concert tonight. It's going to be a brilliant but sad evening. Though, we do have the 'Band geek boogie' afterwards, which is always loads of fun! Apparently the good Dr. is buying us all pizza afterwards too!

Do you know anyone what starts arguing a point at random? Not because anyone has said anything to them, but just because they feel like they should? Someone I know was doing that today. We're not even sure who it was they were arguing with, as there was only a couple of us in the room, (whom it seemed they were getting angry at for no reason). Unprovoked arguments without a cause or reason are silly.
Just felt I had to get that off my chest, thanks!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Felt.

Has anyone ever been forced to read the short story 'The Veldt' in their english classes in grade 9? Actually, that was one of the few stories I actually liked from the course.

Here I have photos of a bag for you! (it's made of felt)


sorry...that second picture isn't allowing me to turn it!

I made this last night! Sort of highjacked the design from a ..polish? designer's website after two weeks of staring at a similar bag and wondering how I could get it. Two hours of sewing, and lining with velvet later and I have this intense bag!
It has yet to have a clasp of any sort put on it, but if I tuck the top inside, as the top photo shows, you get a sort of clam-shaped thing which is pretty wicked too.

I told my friend, and she said I'm the only person she knows that would say "Look at this bag I just made" instead of "just bought". Haha. I know a lot of you bloggers out there are the crafty sort, but I guess the people I'm around most of the time aren't? (which is why I like to make things for them all~)

Now then, if you'll all excuss me I have some spanish homework to do, text to study...and then a nap to take somewhere in the midst of that all! Ciao!

Monday, June 7, 2010

All the fun and adventure of a mountain, without leaving your living room?

Today marks the last concert band class where I will actually be playing music in. Wed. night is our concert, but apparently in class that day we won't be playing anything, just getting set up for the show.

Tomorrow morning marks the last jazz band class...ever... What sort of an awful thought is that? The coming of the end, and the end marks not but the entrance to another beginning. As something comes to a close we can only look forward to whatever next awaits us. Hopefully what awaits me will be a lot more mandolin playing, but we'll just have to see.

On this day, this is what I wore:

(Rittman's sundress, italian boots, handmade necklace, bootlegger sweater, thrifted scarf)

As always, I have mixed feelings about posting outfits continuously. I do know I post other things than just clothing on here...
However, hopefully if someone was to simply glance at this blog that they would be able to take away a facet of my personality which I hope is somewhat embedded in the way I dress. I'd like to think that you can tell something about a person by their style, whether they be poor, rich, or anywhere in the middle. Something about yourself can be spoken through the folds of fabrics that we, as humans, are wrapped in at most moments. People who dress for themselves, to please no one but themselves are the people we should be embracing in the fashion world, which is something I think blogs are very good at doing! I'm sure I come across as a bit of a bohemian, (not as a style term..."Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through free love, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty."-wikipedia) and am called a hippie all the time, which is totally cool. If people can tell how I want to style my life by what I wear then all power to them, it's what is intended.
I'm not totally sure where this is all going, and unless I've had a lot of time to think of something to say it sort of comes out as a random stream that trickles over the keyboard and out to all of you like some sort of torrent waterway, or a leak over your cupboard that can't be fixed.

If you read all of that, thanks!
Have a wonderful day!

Projects I have in mind for the future?
-finish sewing project 1, yet to be revielled
-sew felt bag
-get leather and make a satchel!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smells like tea!

Good Afternoon to you all!

This morning I happily slept in til 8:10am, and lazed around on the couch for a bit before heading out to the Farmer's Market. (Anything close to 8 is sleeping in for me...) Farmer's markets are wonderful places, and if you've never been to one it's a good idea to go. Not only are you helping to support local farmers and workers, but you are helping the gas consumption of the country by purchasing produce grown/raised in your immediate area. Win/win?

(bluenotes skirt, thrifted scarf, Bootlegger shirt, Cosanela headband)

It got a little windy, but I really like the second picture there! And I'm really, really enjoying having a headband. There is a fairly expensive yoga-wear clothing store in town here, but my friends have been saying that their headbands are well priced. $7.99? Well...I wanted it, so I decided to just go with it. When the cashier rang up the price, however, it was $2.45! How fantastic is that?!
Secret sales make my day.

As for what actually smells like tea...it's my hand.
Is that strange?
A little bit, I think. But there is a reason behind it! I applyed to work at a henna-painting place this morning, and the girl that owns it let my try out the henna pen on myself. So after flipping through her drawing books, I made a little octopus!


It's coming off a little bit, and I've been picking at it..but it looks like for prom/grad...I'll probably have an orange octopus on my hand! hurrah!

Lastly this morning I must show you all the massive-cabled cowl made this week, while watching Doctor Who. It's acrylic and alpaca hair, I think! Or wool and alpaca...anyways...
I think I'll give it someone, since I don't really like wearing many dark colours, and it's wonderful to see people's faces when you give them something you've made my hand.


Each of those cables is 8 stitches wide! and the needles themselves weren't very small either. Oh dear~

Have a lovely day, my birds!

Friday, June 4, 2010

South Pole Spirits

Hello there chums! I've not been posting much this week, I fear.

And unfortunatly I haven't been wearing the most interesting things, discounting today.
Today was the day that my english Liturature class went down to the lake to film our version of 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' on an old tugboat. It went swimmingly, I have to say and I took over 200 photos.

...But my teacher currently has my memory card, to download the pictures to the Lit 12 website. I do wonder though, has she posted them yet?

Yup!! Fantastic! (9th Doctor anyone? anyone?)


Aww don't I make a wonderful South Pole Spirit? haha
I was also the photographer for the entire movie, so all picture of it, except for this one...were taken by me.

Alright! sorry I don't have more for you all~ but I certainly will on the weekend :D I'm going to get one of those really nice stretched yoga headbands...

(And Brandon? would you like another cowl?)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

White t-shirts on a sunny day

Do I even own a white t-shirt? I usually shy away from whire clothing, since I get dirty rather easily...
but I do, in fact, have a white shirt which I wore today.

I also got my hair cut yesterday (what, just one? hahah..oh my), and now the one side that is shorter is really shorter.

(United colors of Benetton spring jacket, Suzy Shirt white shirt, Jean Warehouse tanktop, Old Navy Jeans, TOMS vegan shoes>

Alright, alright, so I'm blue again! I'll wear not-blue-things tomorrow, I swear!
I think the nicest thing about today was (besides being cast as the South Pole Spirit for my english Lit class' movie) was when I walked into english class, and a kid who sits near me whom I don't talk to that often announced 'you got a hair cut!' to which I nodded, a little surprised, and he said 'see, I noticed!'
It was cute, and made me happy. simple as that. :)

I also have a video for you today, but I can't embed it on here. You see, my Lit class is having a week long contest, and I'd really REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you all could give me a hand! For the next week, we have to see who gets the most views on their video.
It's about sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning

This is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY0GzCCS0V8

If you could watch it, I'd really appreciate it. If you wanted to perhaps re-post it onto your blog and have your readers give it a watch as well, I'd be forever greatful! Help a blogger out! (haha)

Thanks! Love you all~