Monday, May 24, 2010

Little lambs eat ivy.

Hola Everyone, I've returned from Seattle!
It was a brilliant, whirlwind adventure that took me under the sea, hiking around a structure, exploring gardens of clothing I can't afford (and some I can), and back again!

I'll tell little stories as I put up these 7 lovely pictures I selected from the 300 or so I actually took on the trip. There might be a video (there WILL be a video) at some point as well. Probably tomorrow.



A view out of our hotel window. Can you see the famous Seattle Space Needle? I didn't go up it on this trip, but I have once!
About 7 hours after I took this picture, at about 5am, we were woken up by the screaming of the fire alarm. I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the building with my family and everyone else. (we were on the 7th floor. yaaah...) Who knew it was getting light out at 5am!? Anyways, we sat around on the street for a while in our pj's until management finally came around to tell us that it was safe to go back inside. False-alarm.
Who would pull a fire-alarm at 5am? geez.
Kind of funny though, thinking back to it :D

this large metal pig is the symbol of the Pike Place Market. not really sure why...

Lionfish! I think!
The Seattle aquarium is pretty awesome, even though they didn't have any cuttlefish for me. D: They did have two giant Pacific Octopus though! And little guides telling you what sorts of sea-food you can eat without destroying the eco-systems of the oceans.

Then we went shopping, and I clearly got some TOMS shoes! Yah!!
These are...Humanitarian-Vegan shoes for the Environmentalist. :D made from hemp and recycled plastic bottles, and containing now animal materials (ie, leather). They're wicked. And ment to be worn without socks!

Seattle Boeing Museum of Flight
Who wants to go become a balloonist with me? Brandon? Sasha?

If I don't have this blown up giganticlly and pasted to my wall by the end of the month, I'll be very shocked with myself.


and finally, a photo that caught my attention for a good 5 minutes or so. Amelia Earhart and Mary Pickford leaving an aeroplane together. The contrast on their beauty is amazing~ I really love that photo. Might have to get it printed as well.

As for other things that happened on the trip ( I hope you liked those photos, by the way!)...

-found my own copy of 'The Dispossessed' which I recommend to all of you 100 times over!
-ate way to many chips ( both british and ours)
-argued that yes, Scotland does need their own flag
-almost finished my scarf.

So tell me, how was your long weekend?
Did you even have one..or was this all just a Canadian thing?


  1. Don't you just love your TOMS? They are so sweet. OOOOH..such a lovely time. Funny about that pig.

    Its just got hot here and I stayed in and yes..I watched the finale of LOST. I was a bit indifferent about it. Although, I have to contend with friends that thought it was totally awesome. Still it ended like I thought it would from the get go.

    Great pics!

  2. There are varied interpretations on the ENDING..but it boils down to the fact they were all dead in the end. Some like to say what happened on the island..happened on the has to wonder if it was all in Jack's mind as he lay dying all that time. Of course, my friend would be ready to choke me for writing that.

    A part of you feels like you've wasted a good portion of your life, like on a James Patterson book.

  3. Your blog is really lovely, all the photos are neatly selected. Awesome ;)

  4. i love that photo of amelia - what a fascinating woman. and hooray toms, they look so comfy!


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