Friday, April 2, 2010

Un dia sin Zapatos (one day without shoes)

This is not an outfit post everyone, I'm sorry to say.
But I do urge you all to read this entire post, and watch the videos, they are quite informative!

This a is post to raise awareness for people who have to struggle through every single day of their lives without shoes.

In the fashion world, we struggle along in fancy heels, and works of art, sometimes lavishing hundreds of dollars upon a single pair of footwear because of the name brand or style. I'm urging you to think for just a moment about the thousands upon thousands of people in developing nations around the world who's budget may never stretch far enough to afford even a single pair of the most simple shoes.

These are the people who have to walk miles for water every single day.

The people who have to endure harsh cold and blistering heat through the soles of their feet.

Who have to put up with potentially fatal cuts and blisters after every walk.

Well, next Thursday, April 8th, we have a chance to walk a mile (or more) in the place of these people. It's One Day Without Shoes ! People around the world will be support the cause and kicking off their shoes to walk freely in the countries around the world who have that choice.

I've made a small video to help advertise for the day!
"I pledge to go Barefoot all day long on Thursday, April 8th."

The choice to wear shoes or not is something we have every day, and I'm sure we take for granted.

One Day Without Shoes was started by the TOMS Shoes company. Their company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every.single.pair that they sell. How cool is that?

Here is some official Facts:

This one is my favorite:

What am I doing to spread awareness, besides telling all you folks in the blog-o-sphere?

-Made a video for youtube
-posted flyers all over my school, while barefoot
-me and some others are going to go class-to-class on Tuesday to get people ready
-painted a shirt reading 'Un Dia Sin Zapatos' on the front, and 'One Day without Shoes' on the back.

For more information visit:

One Day without

Thank you for reading!

Now everyone...what are YOU going to do?


  1. This is so neat, I don't think about others never having shoes to wear and I'm an avid shoe wearer so I should be more aware not to take such simple things for granted.

    I actually just had this experience where I realized that everyone takes for granted being able to see and they should think of those less fortunate.

  2. That was sweet. I'll try the shirt idea. I do have 2 pair of Toms shoes already..just might have to order me another pair. As it is I love my winter all weather booties(which I actually have on right now) from Toms and My make art not war shoes.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Woah! What an awesome cause, i really like the idea of this. Never heard of it here in NZ though, but we do tend to walk with no shoes here quite a lot... so this should be done here quite easily!!

    P.S about the half tinted glasses, i have no idea where could you get them back in Canada, but try chain stores like Zara etc. And maybe sunglasses stores. They shouldnt be pricey cuz they are the knock offs from Chanel! :D

    Goodle x

  4. this is an awesome cause!
    however, i have to work so i can't go without home, i will go barefoot's the best i can do.

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  5. This is amazing, what a fantastic idea!

  6. I have an award for you over at my blog!


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