Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday/Sunday treats~


Saturday was the day I became a candy-maker. Confectionery? What is the word for someone who makes candy? (and for that matter, what is the word for a candy-shop in 17th century England? I really need to know!)

I made taffy.

Salt-water Taffy, to be exact. With mint flavouring, and a bit of green colour. It's reaaaaally good everyone! Really good indeed.


Doesn't that look like something a fairy might eat?!


Next up, special Lit-Class Orange-Cinnamon taffy!


I decided to make shoes out of rope today, after seeing the rope-edged soles on a pair of TOMS shoes one day. I know that historically, people have been making rope shoes for centuries so it's not a new idea, but it was actually hard to find a good set of instructions. So I made most of this up, and it is just the prototype, but it turned out pretty well!

What do you all think?


The final pair will have a leather inner sole, and canvas uppers.

Well wishes to everyone, including my newest follower bringing me up to 24! I see you out there! :D

Have a great evening!

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