Monday, April 12, 2010

Benetton inspired Outfit.

Let's face it everyone, I like the United Colors of Benetton.
I love them?
adore them.
Me encanta Benetton, and I was excited to learn that a few minutes walk from my future university campus, in a mall I was in last summer, is a Benetton outlet! Little did I know we actually had them over here!

I don't think it will be as awesome as the one my and my friends visited in Munich a month ago (it was 5 stories tall, you know), but I'm still excited!

Today's outfit was inspired by my faaaaavorite ad photo that they have ever done. It's from the Spring 2008 campaign, and I saw it online, then in an ELLE Canada once at a tire store and promptly tore it out when the attendant wasn't looking...

It lives on my wall now, and I stare longingly at the pastel colours all the time.




(Suzy Shier top, DIY braid-scarf, DIY flower-like pins, Old Navy pants, American Eagle flats, Bluenotes tank)

Isn't it just a lovely image? Not me...the Benetton one, of course. hah!
For some reason it has always stuck in my mind, ever since I first saw it, and today was my first attempt to channel it.

I need some lighter colours, I think.

Hair cut on Thursday evening! Although I do sort of enjoy whatever whispy thing it's trying to do right now. Can you tell? It reminds me of the twenties.

By the way, I was wondering: What sorts of things would you all like to see on this blog? Do tell!


  1. Love the outfit!! Super cute! I enjoy seeing the outfits you enjoy wearing each day!!

    Also any stories you want to share with us! I know you're a writer and we love stories!

  2. Lovely outfit! You have a very cute haircut:)

  3. Adorable take on the Bennetton! Speaking of hair, I think you would look amazing with a pixie cut a la Rosemarys baby.

  4. Oh how cute is it + the braided scarf is sweet

  5. You're a lovely image too! What a great pop of colour and accessory, really great job on the handiwork too!

  6. havent been to a benetton store in a long time! cute outfit ;)

  7. the images are gorgeous--benetton's and yours...*wink*

    ever since we were in high school, my sister and i always envied pixie cut hair..we just can't achieve it with out hair..too curly. i'm sure you'd rock it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. Bennetton ads are so cool! Especially that one with the fancy headdresses.


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