Thursday, March 25, 2010

the fibre arts

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger this week everyone!
I've been busy with school, the museum, knitting...and making yarn again!

I'm getting better too.

I have jazz band at 7:20am tomorrow morning once again. It's a junior band, but their trumpet section needs a little help so I've been recruited to attempt with that. ( me, who is aweful at teacher people anything unless it's through a tutorial)

Regardless, I'm tired!

And although I wore something that I deemed 'fairly interesting' today, it involved the same shirt as the last outfit so I decided against posting it again so close to the former~

Anyways, this post is filled with nothing but photos of the yarn I've been making lately. I swear I'll get some outfits going on the weekend or..tomorrow perhaps?


I'm proud of this pile of yarn (above), which I need to re-roll into a better ball now. I carded it all myself, and then spun it on a drop spindle (in a restaurant~ tehe!) It's alpaca hair, from a local farm.


That is vintage wool right there! It belonged to my art teacher's..wife's...grandmother or something crazy like that, and he gave me a huge box of wool! It's from Canadian..sheep? It smelled very odd when I got it wet with leads me to wonder of the animal it came from. Anyways, all I did was spin this stuff as it was carded already.

I did a previous post about some blue yarn I was spinning which can be found
----> HERE!

And just for interest's sake, I also re-discovered the small tutorial I worked up on darning you can get more use out of socks and such!

----> Over Here!

Alright! Thanks for dropping in, you're all wonderful!


  1. Love the yarn pics. How cool. That must make it more special since you spun it and the wools from Canada. Thankfully, you did not have to shear the sheep to do it. My grandfather used to work in a wool house in Texas.

    Hope you have a happy weekend.


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