Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because you want your head to look like a black hill.

Points if you can guess who said that quote, and what was he performing in at the time!

The most interesting thing today, I feel, was going to help out at the museum for a few hours with a children's event. I was also staring at this lovely detailed model of a hotel I've got to build...or finish building. (I wasn't the one who stared it).

Alright, outfit!

(GAP skirt, Old Navy sweater + tank top, vintage belt, silk scarf from 10,000 Villages)

Even though I looked ready for spring, it really wasn't that warm out at all.
But what did I actually do today that needed many layers?

-drove around and bought kettle-corn (so darn good!)
-bought shoes
-worked on Spanish homework
-went to the museum

Nope! I was inside all day, except for walking around between the things I was entering/leaving.

And the shoes that I bought are delicious! They are the EXACT shade of purple found in the flowers on my prom dress, so they have become my prom shoes.
shucks, I wanted to live in them for a while!


They're by a company by Portia. Apparently I have a low arch and a very low instep, which means there is no bump on the top of my foot compared to some people. These shoes fit my feet perfectly, down to the strap-placement! (says the shoe expert at the awesome store I went to)
I really like the dark stripe that you..can't really see in the pictures, but it's around the top of the heel. It looks like wood, but it isn't. Adds a cool detail to break up all the purple though.

Tada! I'm so pleased to have found shoes that colour!

<3 Have a brilliant day everyone!


  1. ummm..kettle korn.

    pretty sandals too. Love your scarf on your head. hope its warmer tomorrow.

  2. a pick of my horn hat that I made from an old sweater.

  3. I love that head scarf! I think this spring I will start wearing scarves in my hair....

  4. your photos are always so fun!
    lovin' that scarf on you...and the way you wore the belt. :D

    i have got to meet that shoe expert! they've got it down for you...and those shoes are so adorable!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  5. Ohh so much colour!! Love it! Great outfit, love the scarf and the green skirt :)
    And your new prom shoes look cute!! I like that shade of purple! Cant wait to see your whole outfit for the prom :]


  6. ah, lucky you. i have a really high instep which makes it a real pain to find shoes that fit.

    your new kicks are beautiful!


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