Tuesday, February 2, 2010

updates of the day.

I may add photos to this later, or I may keep those for tomorrow~ who knows!

I do know that I'm getting my grad photos done tonight, which is kind of interesting. I will be sure to post one or more of those when I am able! :D

Also, I've just started my last semester of High School. Forever! -gasp- In the new English 12 class, we're going to have to make a blog on blogspot, and I didn't reaaaaaly want my insane class to have totally access to this one (call me a coward, I know, I know..it's open ot the world...but I don't have to talk to the world every day..) ..so I made another blog on another account! I think when the school year is over, I'll import it onto this account, so I can access them both at once. It's much easier.

But the new blog, which I called 'Travel to Moher' after the famous cliffs in Ireland where me and a friend hope to visit with in the next 2 years, is right here!

Travel to Moher

Tada! It's..blank right now. hah.
well almost. I made a nice banner! and wrote a blurb...and eeeventually there will be logs of adventures and various work for English 12 too. (ignore those ? haha )

Also, you may or many not have noticed I added my e-mail to that side block over....there ----------> With the picture of me saying 'Wot's all this then?' or something. Feel free to e-mail me with comments, questions, or if you want to use a picture for something!

Thank you, and have a a great day!
Me, I've got to go work on some spanish~ haha


  1. Hope the grad pics went well. All the best on that last English class!

  2. Cute blog!!! Good Luck in class! Hope the grad pics went well!

  3. Sheesh! It's funny cause i feel exactly the same! It's okay for people that don't know me to view my blog, but when it comes to people that do know me ,my blog becomes private and only my best friends have a chance to view it xD

    Oh cool about the graduation photos, hope they come out good :)

    Goodle x


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