Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who/What does Robyn remind you of?

I know, I know...I get more haircuts than most people you can mention off the top of your head.

But that is because the stuff is annoying!
And iff you notice how much of a bedraggled mess it was becoming...not really...but this is much better.



My friends think I look like

a) Peter pan. (I get this a lot, actually)
b) a mushroom/bowl combo thing?
c) a korean boy-band singer.

Take your pick people! What does my interesting hair remind you of?
Actually I would really like to know what/who I remind people of~ Please tell me?

Also, I made another hat today.
It looks a lot (alright, almost exactly) like the one I made for my friend Dekar for Christmas, because while I was making his I really wanted to keep it. Although his was wwaaaaay to big, so I made one for my head+small-amount-of-hair-ness~


I love it~ It's 100% wool.

-Factory made, undyed Fisherman's lion-brand wool.
-natural hand made dyed, from local sheep, and spun by me wool
-machine spun, hand dyed wool

It's awesome.


  1. see..your hair is perfect for your hats too. a plus. it always great to get those yucky ends off. I like its bounce.

  2. i love your hair! argh it's so smooth and it stays in place! i am très jalouse.

  3. it is VERY smooth :) your face reminds me of audrey hepbourn.... but hair makes me think of you! or sometimes the beatles, hehe.
    no really, i think of you on top of anything else. ironic, hey? you're the one who's wearing it and all....

  4. cute hair


  5. Karen O, definitely :) what a sweet blog you have! x


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