Saturday, January 9, 2010

What would you think if I sang out a tune?

very loudly, and messed up your lunch?
How would you feel if I turned on a fan?
Not happy now, I have a hunch.

ohh you'll get by without help from my rhymes,
ohh it's really not helping your mind,
ohh you'll get by without help from my rhymes, from my rhyyyyyymeeesssss~ dum dum duuuum

I think I just lost my readers by doing that. hehe


Today, I thought about going to sleep on my floor instead of finsihed some math homework. I ended up half falling asleep on my bed until dinner, and then doing my math homework.

(and yes, yes I have been bumming around in those same clothes for a while...just at home though! Don't be too worried)

I like that picture, because it's taken from my bed. The side of my bed, actually.

(I definatly have a bookcase and a chair tucked under my bed too...and a's awesome. It's a fort!)


That is my yarn stash, topped off with a paper Guy Fawkes mask that you might remember from my Nov.05 th post. I have a small mountain of yarn there! And there are always chunks to be found floating all around my room, my house..and usually my person as well. :D

Do you see the newspaper clipping on the wall behind the box? That is me, and a boy I babysit sometimes, riding around a river on unicycles...a year or two ago. pretty cool` haha

And! Actually, I did get something cool the other day.


An awesome belt to go with that blue dress a few posts down there, for the Winter Formal. I think I'm just going with my friends, but it should be pretty fun! There is food at least, so even if I don't enjoy the dancing in 2 inch heels..I get fed. (and anyone who knows me knows that that is quite important indeed)
The belt will give a much-needed shiny accent to the outfit though, since it was awash with darker colours. I am pleased!

And lastly today, after I collapse from having skiied, studied, and run around like a maniac in 4 foot snow, diving head first into piles of it....have a drawing from biology class:


Tada! The spinal cord! (I need to study it some more D: )
Yes...yes I do watercolour some of my diagrams in my notes~ I'm just that awesome/procrastinating doing math homework.

Do you know how some people can analyze a person's writing and tell various characteristics about them? I really wonder what my normal scratchy writing, which some people seem to really like but most can't really read, says about me? Probably that I'm fairly odd...eccentric? is that the polite way of saying it?


I'll hush up now! Fairwell for now!


  1. love the yarn stash! I wonder how big mine would be if I got all the yarn together....

    I think you've got a creative detail in your writing..reminds me a bit of my own..hahahhaa..I'm sure it also depends on how tired you are too. Cool drawing. Interesting poem, too.

  2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Have a great new week !


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