Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rare days of sunlight followed by endless nights.

These winter weathers do confuse a body so.
Here is my outfit from yesterday, when we did have a rare day of sunlight. Usually here, there is just fog and a giant bank of clouds aaaaallllll winter long.
I'm sporting my new bag, and the finished cowl. (that day I went home and became a hermit, studying biology for FOUR. HOURS. ARG! )


(old navy jeans, VANS slipon shoes, drappy sweater from Bootlegger, GAP top, DIY cowl, Fossil bag)

Today I left school at 1pm (I had lunch, then no class after lunch), and went to the museum to work on various .... museum things for them, for 4 hours. the largest tragity of the day was when I finished a banner of very neat Ancient Greek characters, picked it up to be moved, and all the still watery undry paint dribbled down the front. I had to make a totally new one. D:
Waste of a mass amount of canvas!
(good thing, so some reason...they have mountains of canvas there.)

Anyways, here is my Egyptian costume!


(all the beadwork..and sewing was done by me. :D )

Tada! Isn't it cool looking? I hope I don't freeze, but it would still almsot be worth it, the costume makes me so happy!
..I know it looks like a rectangle to all you great-sewing-folks out there..but it's a feat to this girl right here! haha

and to round things off on this evening where I can't type more than 3 words in a row without messing up, because I'm be doing nothing but study all day long and my brain it totally fried and this is a terrible run on sentense by anyways! -gasp-
Some of my biology notes:


And since Biology is all I have in my brain right now...I feel the need to tell you all that my Vital Lung Capacity is 4.5L :D I'm a litre over the average for a female! must be all my trumpet playing~



  1. good luck with the bio...wow..nice beading. I love my sweater like that. I used it for a scarf, sometimes.

  2. i love your bag! and your dress is really cool.


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