Saturday, January 2, 2010

The last photos of 2009

I was far to lazy to actually post these on the last day of 2009, but here they are, 2 days, and one blue moon later!
(I didn't get to see the blue house was surrounded in clouds! darn)

( Torker unicycle w/ Kris Holm Seat..hehe, thrifted t-shirt dress, ribbon, handmade felt hat, VANS slip on shoes, Old Navy jeans, DIY tube-scarf)

I bought the t-shirt dress in Victoria! I'll get better pictures of it later, but it is so comfy! You can really tell that it wasn't made in the last 5 years or so, as the material actually..isn't thin. :o what a novelty! I don't know if I had already spilled that lovely little fact or not, but my favorite mode of transportation is the unicycle! I own three of the lovelies, and my dad and brother both have one. I think I've happily influenced a few people around me (family included) to unicycle over the years. I can think of 5 people outside of my family who unicycle because they thought it looked cool that I do~ hehe. And one that unicycled before I met him, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that we met! ahh randomly meeting amazing people is great ^^


That skid mark in the snow behind me is proof that once snow clogs up your only tire, turning is very hard without being pitched off in some direction!


Playing Apples to Apples on New Years eve (if you've never played this game, it's great for large groups!)
We always say that the green cards you win describe apparently I'm naive, lovable, refined, primative, and clueless! haha and I know some people that would probably agree with all or most of those! :D

Heading to another city today for a movie and some shopping~ If I get anything cool, I'll let you all know.


  1. do you do it on that bike in this cold weather. hope you have fun with the shopping & the movie.

  2. ooooh i have a similar black hat :D love it!

  3. Awh you're not clueless at all! the very least. but lovable, absolutely... i wish i'd been able to play this with you!!
    come back home soon, love ;( xox


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