Sunday, January 10, 2010


Guys, guess what?!

I turn 18 60 days!
That's actually a really crazy thought, now that I have actually stopped to consider it. I'll be a legal adult from there on out. Not that I'm am going to really act any different than I normally do, beside perhaps strutting around happily in Venice on my actual birthday, and taking a few pictures (ok...loads of pictures) to share with you all when I come home! Oh this in all so exciting!
I'll finally be able to...well not drink, but I don't drink anyways so that would make no different. Drive? no..that was 16, and I still only have my L (by the way, Brandon? if you see this, I forgot to ask you if you got your N. ):D )
Vote? Yes! I can vote~ if there is something to vote for, at the very least, then i shall take my puffy hair to the polling station and become a voting Canadian! hurrah!

But enough of that (I'm slightly more sane today, can you tell?)
(last post I was so tired >< )



(handmade skirt, GAP top, stone necklace, my mother's snow boots, belt from Ricki's)

My mother keeps telling me that I should take off my sailing turk's heads for the prom, to which I continually say that "no, see that wouldn't work because if I took them off....they are broken. I'd have to cut them! "
They therefor stay on my wrist forever (hopefully), making strange tan lines, and disrupting classy outfits for all time! (and I'm good with that)
I say this because, in my head at least, it was sort of an explanation of why I never mention them as jewlery. They are a part of my person now.

But enough of that!

Meet my wall-goblin! He sits by the floor, scaring anyone who dares to look upon him!


He came about because my friend was drawing a swamp-monster that looked pretty, so I had to attempt and ugly/scary one for myself.

And now for something long.
I'm trying my hand at using the photo-stitch function in my camera, using more Biology class doodles as the subject once again!


I think it might be kind of working? Sort of?
haha anyways!

I think I need a shirt that says " I need a haircut. " on it, so I wouldn't have to actually say it all the time, just wear te shirt (and get beat up by my friends for it, I'm sure ^^ )

Good Night bloggers!


  1. love the 2tone skirt! great outfit! xx

  2. the colors in your outfit. adorable drawings too.


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