Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6.

I have no thoughts for titles of posts at the moment, unfortunatly.
I also can't type worth anything right now! So shhh if you see something spelled horribly.

I got my grad clothing today!


Isn't that cool? haha probably not, but They are super confy to run around my house in! And the sweatpants have the elastics around the bottom, which I normally hate but when I was ordering them, I though "Hey! these would be great for sailing! I wouldn't even half to roll them up, just pull them up and there they would stay! awesome~" so I bought them. The long sleeved shirts were me and my friend's idea. We were pleased that everyone went along with it so we could have awesome red shirts.

Yes, that is a little paper me in the corner :D

And finally back to a crafting thought of this blog for once, I'm making a cowl scarf with that lovely yarn I bought while in Victoria!



It's coming along~ That yarn is such a pleasure to work with too~ Marabrigo Yarns makes it, and I'm totally in love~

Also, I joined the giant online yarnworks website ( ) and my name is Orobby, if anyone wants to add me on there! :D

Also Also, My friend might be coming for a visit in a month, and we're going to go skiing and see Wolfman hopefully, and I'm ever so excited for it all!


  1. That yarn looks so soft and beautiful. About my sweaters, I knit without a pattern! I just take my measurements and then figure out how many stitches I need. I like to call it 'mathematical knitting', haha.

  2. I love comfy clothes. looks like a beautiful something you are making.


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