Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm being so lazy about posting!

I'm sorry everyone!

I've been neglecting my poor blog lately~

(and there is a reason...I have finals in..a week and a half..aaaaaarrrrggkgkghtersgfhdf)

But yes~ so so so sorry ><

So my school had it's Senior Winter Formal this past tuesday evening, and I got to wear my dress, with it's skiny belt (which I refured to as my armor all evening)
A lot of people said I looked really sophisticated, but I don't know how elegant roasting to death because you wanted to wear Victorian-looking sleeves it~ haha
Tried out the lipstick again too!



I mostly just liked my hair, I think!

note: I soon discovered that that dress is difficult for thesort of jumping around like crazed monkeys dancing that the kids seem to do these's bounces around a lot.


tomorrow I will take pictures of the project I'm working on at the museum, I swear!
(I can't promise I'll actually get them posted until a few days later..but they will come around eventually~ hehe)

And with that, I leave you with yet another painting I've just finished a few hours ago.

"Lost buttons"




  1. you do look elegant! and hurrah for lipstick. i am the biggest lipstick cheerleader. nice painting!

  2. Wowee! Your painting is awesome! You paint so well!!

    And i totally love your make up here :D

    Goodle x


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