Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy day.

I spent the entire day at the mall with the folks from the museum, talking about ancient writing systems and pretty much showing people where writing has evolved from over the years!
It was really fun, and I did actually take pictures (I did! I swear!!)So I will be getting those up for all of you to see as soon as possible, since they are on my parent's camera.

And I got a new shirt today too!
I know I've sworn off buying much, since I have to save for school and a camping trip in the future, but my mom bought this, so it's not
After staring at a single piece of clothing on and off for 6 hours, it's hard not to go buy it. :D

(Old Navy Jeans, Suzy Shir top)


Shh..I've been studying like crazy for the past..week. ugh.
I actually woke up yesterday thinking about Biology terms. I remember stopping in my dreams and trying to remember long words for the test, then continuing whatever I was doing in dreamland! I'm going crazy, but it't all right! haha
Only a few more days of this and then I have 5 days to be a lazy potato.

Now you might have noticed that I'm often not wearing shoes in my pictures.
This is because I have conflicting emotions about shoes.
On one hand, I adore shoes and really would love to have more off all kinds in my room. My feet deserve to be decorated in the most interesting ways too, right?
On the other hand, I don't believe that we should be wearing shoes at all. It's not natural for our feet to be couped up in these odd tubes all day long. They are ment to walk softly on grass, and be able to breathe and bend with the soil. Shoes are for warmth in the winter, but we have to wear them all year long to keep them safe from the hard concrete that we too created.
I guess you could say that my natural self wins more often than not, and I kick off my shoes. I do love shoes! I just....don't like to wear them for long periods of time~

And now! If you have spare time after reading that, you should go watch 'A Very Potter Musical' on youtube. It is actually so much better than the movies, in my oppinion at least, and bloody funny to boot!
Malfoy is my favorite, and through out the entire play he talks about this school called 'Pigfarts' on Mars.
"Ha! Dumbledore is an old coot. He's nothing like Rumbleroar. He's a lion...who can talk." -Malfoy

In honor of Malfoy and his crazy school, I painted a picture:


note the two moons! ...and The rocketship!

haha~ but really, the musical is brilliant~

I'll hush up now and go study like a good little over-tired person who will probably end up taknig a nap! :D


  1. I'm with you on the shoes, quite conflicted!!! But there are so many adorable kinds out there!

    Love the pictures though! Super fun!!!

  2. I actually cant stay without shoes for long, my feet are too ticklish xD

    Cute shirt! It would look cool in some high waist flares.. i can just see it ! Lol.

    I hope your not studying too hard! You have to take some breaks in between :)

    Goodle x

  3. such a cute classic outfit, love the shirt!

    lovelove, M.


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