Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Adventure! Part 2.

Part Two!! (part one is one post down. v )

A thought from my friend, after I was rambling on about a peacock at 10:30pm one night.


She decided that if a homeless man had a peacock instead of a dog, she would give him a load of money.


Awesome Christmas presents! Hot chocolate and Science-fiction novels = <3

Soooo then we went to see AVATAR in 3D because everything is more amazing that way. See, small town in which I live?! See what a real theatre looks like?! No, no you probably don't, because I live in a bloody little hole. haha



When I saw this cardboard box thing, I ran around it frantically until I found this side, and then got my friend to take a picture of me with it~ haha

Then, or...before that actually, we went to my old elementary school to do some knit-graffiti. (because I was prepared and brought graffiti stuffs with me!)



It was fun! The school grounds look horrid though, since the school was closed a few years ago and is slated to be torn down soon. There used to be a forest behind it and a valley; all of which has been leveled and distroyed for new houses. It's really terrible to look at.

Then, when I went downtown to meet up with more people I'd not seen in aaaaaages, I went to an artisan yarn shop!




I swear I could actually live in there! It would be ever so soft and warm, and I could eat all the yarn if I really had too, and sleep on a bed of sweaters and have absolutly no money to speak of (but a lot of neck cowls!)

I miiiight have spend 56$ on yarn...-cough- I got 630 yards of it though! That;s 576 meters! Over half of a Kilometer!! :o craaazy~ And it's very nice yarn too.
Though I think this one colour I got was named just so I would want it:


Polar Morn. And me with my love of the polar explorations too! darn them~ haha
I also bought a red/green yarn in the spirit of christmas + my love of hoarding every pretty yarn.

Speaking of Polar, I also got a mug with Ernest Shackleton on it, and a photo taken by the awesome Mr Frank Hurley, of the Endurence on the back! <3
And this hat, for my (very far in the future) trip to Antarctic.



I'll hush up now!

I hope you dears all had a Wonderful and Lovely Christmas !! <3


  1. Cool hat and you look so fab with Robert Downey Jr. I've been snowed in here. I so want to see Sherlock Holmes.

  2. LOL! I love knit graffity, its so rad and it looks pretty!

    Congratulations for being accepted to University! And cool fur hat :D

    Goodle x


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