Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last post for a week, dears~

This shall probably. (prooooobably) be my last post until after christmas!
Unless I can use my friend's laptop to write something quickly~ but I don't think I can post pictures from over there!

I haven't posted anything in a little while because I was stuck here:


There, at my very cluttered desk, studying for a Bio test (today) and a Math Midterm (yesterday), both of which I think I did alright, if not very well on!

Interesting points in that picture, of the things which can be found on my desk:

-Binder + Math 12 textbook
-a crocheted doll that looks like me
-the Turtle from my banner (who needs a name~ any help?)
-a puppet who looks like a chief (top right corner, with the mustache)
-book about dinosaurs
-picture from National Geographic of a waterfall in Iceland, with a land rover in front of it.
- A Bloody Jack Adventure; "The Curse of the Blue Tattoo" , #2 in my FAVORITE book series ever, by Mr L.A. Meyer. (who is certainly not related to another author I dislike a lot with the same last name). Best series ever folks, and I don't say that lightly. I read the first book, Bloody Jack, and immediately wanted to go sailing.

Also, yesterday I was complaining about how 'Explorer' should still be a career choice, because I would certainly go be an awesome one, so my friend Sam wrote "Robyn likes to explore" on my hand in Japanese:


I don't know how to say it, but it looks cool!

And lastly before I dance off in a haze of happyness to my friend's house in victoria, I must show you this Robot I got today as a gift from a friend at school~

How great is that thing?! I was trying so hard not to laugh while I was filming it~
it also says "Don't be afraid of the dark! You don't have to be scared!" and sings those lines too. I don't know why she decided I should own it, but it's grand.


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, and I swear that when I return I shall have lovely pictures to shoe you all


  1. I think the turtle should be named Harold :)

  2. Aw i was looking at your old post and your hair looks awesome :D Have a sweet Christmas :)

    Goodle x


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