Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec the 4th, It snowed!

Has anyone else in the Northerly part of the world gotten snow today? I woke up this morning and a fine skiffle of snow was sprinkled across the ground!



I'm trying to dress in interesting ways and still not freeze to death all day long at school, but today I had to give up and wear a huge baggy, but nice and cozy sweater. shhh...It was -3 or so all day.

I was still freezing.

My school had the brilliant idea that to conserve power they should cut some of the heating from the classrooms. This is certainly NOT a good idea, because we are all cold! I have upped my consumption of hot chocolate in the past to weeks by at least 3-fold if not more, and actually downed a cup of tea today for once. (the museum peoples like me to drink tea. They say it is the 'academic's drink', but I have ot fill it with sugar to swallow any of it)

My other excuse for lack of outfits is ..I packed most of my favorite clothes in anticipation of a trip to Victoria in a few weeks time. I swear I shall bring back pictures of that trip! My friends and I are going on a thrifting mission for an entire day, so I should get some cool stuff.

and finally...I'm lazy?


But certainly not too lazy to illustrate and watercolour my math homework.


  1. I love snow when it first starts falling! simply beautiful!!

  2. ah, no snow here. well, we did get a tiny bit, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground.
    and tea is the "academic drink?" really? wow. i'mza smart gurl then ;)
    (i'm, like, ADDICTED to tea).

    and you draw really well! gosh, i wish i could use watercolours like you!

  3. We've had a flake or two..I don't understand it..its like Iowa and Kansas gets our snow. & know my Mom is glad..but we should have some by now. Maybe tomorrow. So love your art!

  4. Oooh, I love your little illustration! It's awesome. Math homework is not. Good luck with that!


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