Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Yarn Wreath!

Made from PomPoms!!

I found the lovely Yokoo's tutorial via her photopage (if my favorite blog list--> over there someplace) the other day, and hounded my mother to get me some christmas colour yarn. I asked her because...like most students, I have no money~.

But I got some yarn none the less! And I made this awesome wreath over the span of 3 days.


Isn't it cool? I'm so pleased with it! I actually ran out of yarn when I had aaaaalmsot finished it, and had to resort to some blue. rats. Doesn't look bad at all though, hmm? I couldn't find a blank-wreath either in my tiny little place of residence, so I made myself one out of sticks I kidnapped from that red bush I'm sometiems standing in front of for clothing photos. :D


And that is the giant mess from all the pompoms piled together on a pillow~ I cleaned it up, no worries. (yes it is a blurry picture, your eyes aren't failing you)

Also today, I finished another toque for one of my friends for Christmas~ She wanted something very loud, so this is what happened.




It's all acrylic yarn, and it took me about..4-6 hours to finish all together. I quite like it~
Alas my dears, it's all wrapped up now so I can't run around with it any longer and toss it willy-nilly into the air!


The pile of presents destined for friends later this winter, whne I go on a a trip! :D It will grow, I'm sure of that.

haha well that's all for today! I sort of just sat around playing with yarn today and freaking out over math homework per normal. Not the most interesting outfit either. I'll work on that tomorrow!

Question: 'What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and your skin was orange?'

Robyn's Answer: 'I'm probably think it was a dream for about an hour, then either scream or start sobbing.'


  1. awesome hat. I didn't get the one I was working on..finished in time for a friend leaving. She was suppose to wait til after Christmas. Now I'm in limbo about it.

    If only I could make pompoms that good. cool colors.

  2. Ahhh awesome pompoms ( hah i love that word, pompoms xD)
    It's cool how you get creative and make neat stuff for Christmas!! I will have to do something like that too haha except i can't knit mhm :S
    Cool wrapping paper as well :D

    Goodle x


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