Friday, December 11, 2009

10:30pm seemed like a great time to update some things

Well I have some interesting things for you today, my darlings!

And thank you for everyon who wished me well on my massive tests! I think/hope I did pretty well! :D

It was a brisk -9.6C on the walk to school today, and my chin was screaming at my the entire way 'Why on earth did you not wear a scarf?! -9 is not warm, you know! not in the slightest!'. Thank goodness buildings were invented at some point when people living in colder regions realized that no, freezing wind is not fun.

I did manage to wear something nice today! I found a lovely silk scarf with elephants on it the other day in my room, and thought maybe it would make an interesting belt? It did!

GAP trousers, boots?, RioRain top, assorted necklaces, handmade scarf

Sorry for the strange lighting. It was dark at...4:45pm when I took that~

Also new today! I got my hair cut! Not much so say other than I love my hairdresser! She's a genius~




Again sorry, those after-wards pictures aren't the greatest, but I'll get better ones later, I swear! I'm in a rush right get to bed.

Finally today we have this lovely table fountain that I'm building in art class. It's modeled after a fountain I saw/drank from in Pompeii. It's pretty neat that they put piping back in some of the old fountains so you can actually drink from them again! Wild~



That's all we have time for today folks! stay tuned for Christmas tree pictures on sunday!! I'm so excited >< Happy so-far-Holidays everyone! <3

(also, I bought my first EVER red lipstick tube today..when I manage to get it on and looking nice, I might show you all~)


  1. nice blog!

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  2. I love your hair so much! Also, I bet you look awesome in red lipstick.

  3. New haircuts are the best, they suddenly make everything seem so much nicer :) And the red lipstick, totally do-able once you embrace it. I'm sure you'll look smashing. :)

  4. it astounds me that it took you that long to get a lipstick tube. you've had a straightener since we were like, 13?? Hehe, just giving you a hard time
    I like the pic of you int he mirror. you remind me of a lizard / egyptian...who's obviously white. hmmm....
    As you were talking about the cold, I imagined the americans thinking in farenheit hehe... -9 F is -22 C!!! Nutso, hey? I'm going to Edmonton for Christmas... yaaaaay for acutal -22 and windchill. Uhmmm what else (I'm a fountain of words today apparently) OH! I like your fountain :D
    CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ROBYN MY RAAH! oh also also, i'm deffs taking a leaf out of your book and putting christmas lights IN my room for once. it looks spectacular :D


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