Wednesday, November 25, 2009


That is a word I can actually not spell. Wed. I'll spell it in short form forever, I'm fairly sure.
(shhh..It took least 4 years to learn how to spell Neighbor) I'm a terrible speller! Thank goodness for spell check!

I know i'm posting this on thursday..but shh.
I didn't have the pictures up yesterday!

This is my pretty cool outfit from yesterday~ I was quite pleased with it. It felt just right for hanging around a museum all afterroon reading ancient newspapers to try and gleem out facts about the Canadian Navy in WWII. Hard stuff, let me say.

( RW&CO. top, Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, Old Navy slacks, Handmade necklace, bowler hat )

I'm looking at a map of Mt.Everest! My room is pretty awesome, guys, pretty awesome indeed.


I had some deep meaning behind the writing of the types of makeup where you would put them...but I lost it just as I went to type. If anyone wants to gleem the meaning back out again, please do!

Word of the day.. Gleem! I'm probably spelling it wrong!


  1. Great classic outfit. love the sweater & pants too.

  2. Ah, your way of the whole knit graffiti thing makes even more sense than mine!
    That outfit is great by the way, I really love the bowler hat.

  3. The bowler hat is so sweet! I am trying to find a vintage hat like that, but had no luck yet!
    Annnnd some blazer tips well..

    Make sure that when you try out a blazer the shoulders fit well ( thats where the shoulder pads are) because if they dont fit, it looks like you are swimming in it,lol. And just in general check that its not too big around chest and waist area. An oversized blazer is cool but if its too big it looks wrong! :D
    AND best blazers are usually vintage because they have the quality and are more interesting. Just check every vintage store once in a while and im sure you'll find a cool blazer :))

    Goodle x

  4. the writing/makeup is so amazing... ;) maybe it shows something like how we mindlessly conform to society's idea of "beauty," without really thinking what it means to us personally?


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