Sunday, November 29, 2009

Once upon a time we all living in trees~

I'm so sorry everyone! I was in such a flurry of crazyness yesterday, racing around town in heels that hurt my feet (but look very nice) and leaving in and out of various outfits that I forgot my camera! Ack~ I apologize!

But I can fill you in~

Yesterday I:
-Got all dressed with hair and makeup done by 10:30am (which isn't hard)
-Met at my school at 11:00am to help carry piles of musical stuff to cars
-Got to the venue and set up
-Stood around worrying about where our bass player was
-Played until I couldn't get notes about C anymore
-Raced off to the museum
-ran around in the museum (in band clothes), helping everyone finish the set up
-got my costume on
-Stood around for the next 3 hours telling everyone that NO, THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING SIR, THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION!
-got home
-made pompoms
-fell asleep

-gasp- haha sooo...yes crazy, camera-less day.

So instead of photos today, I shall now list reasons as to why I believe that the 2012 theory is a load of..something nasty, and is just plain silly. (here you are Sasha)

Unravel the Turtle brings you: "Robyn's list of why the world will NOT be ending in 2012"

1. The Mayan Calendar is a circle. Where does it end? It doesn't. take that apocalyptic theories

2. The dates aren't totally match-up-able apparently. So the 21st of 2012 could be wrong.

3. The Calendar isn't ending! The 13th b'ak'tun cycle out of twenty (TWENTY!) is ending. Each b'ak'tun is 144,000 k'in (days) long, which, when you work it out is about 394 years. When all twenty cycles end they start again, and I'm pretty sure that brings us into the '5th World', but I'm not totally sure on that part.

(We are in the 4th world right now, where as the first three were attempts of Creation to make a perfect world, and they failed. Then the 4th was created and man was placed in it. So Says Mayan mythology!)

4. Apocalypse isn't even part of mayan culture!

5. The idea od time ending is souly a Western world invention. In out minds, time runs in a straight line, which would end at some point and cast us all into oblivion. But! In most older cultures, they believed that time was a circle and turned forever, thus restating my first point.

6. People can say that 'The Mayans did this and this and look what happened to them! They're dead!', but that's totally untrue. The Mayan people are still well and living in the same places they pretty much always have.

7. I hate the movie 2012. Bloody Hollywood.

Aaanyways! There you have all of the reasons (or at lease the ones I can think of right now) as to why the world is most certainly not ending in a few years. Don't worry darlings, everything will still be around on the 22nd. The only difference would be that we have just entered the 14th b'ak'tun. (which I only say again because I like typing it)

And lastly, because it seemed like fun, I shall follow Faux Naif's post and write about 10 things that make me happy! :D Oh Joy!

1. Hot chocolate. I simply adore the stuff! I could actually drink it every day of the week, and sometimes I do that (since I just got a pile of it to keep in my locker)

2.Sitting around with my kitty on my lap, purring like a motorboat. He's seriously the loudest kitty I've ever heard, but he's awesome and huge and I love him <3

3. That moment right before you go off on a trip, or you're about to do something amazing and you suddenly realize 'Hey! this is real! I'm really going!'. It's such a great feeling.

4. Inventing games with friends. They all turn into inside jokes which last for ages and no one has any idea what you are talking about~

5. Finishing a giant project. A huge sigh of relief washes over you for a moment before you realize that now you've got nothing to do. (except in my case...I need to edit. haha~ )

6. Learning archaic things. I personally love knowing how to do things the old fashioned way. It's far more rewarding to have to work hard to make something yourself. It doesn't always turn out perfectly, but if your own sweat and blood goes into it, it's worth a lot more to you!

7. The Ocean. enough said.

8. Eating Tillamook Cheese. The Pepperjack stuff is so darn yummy! We jsut got 3 pounds of it from our friends who went down to the states yesterday. I'm so happy! No guesses what I'm eating for lunch!

9. Adventure! I have to add that. Who doesn't love to travel! I'm going to Europe for 2 weeks next spring and I can't wait!

10. Laughing. :D

Have a good day! I'm off to put up christmas lights! :D


  1. sounds like a great day for you and band. Hope you found the bass player. Love your list. Yea! For hot chocolate. I found some "just for women". Not so bad, either, especially with a little lite cool whip.

    & I'm always up for a cheese party. Just the past week, a friend suggested we have one where we volunteer at.

    All the best on your adventures.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm so happy the world isn't ending at all now, and will probably keep on going for as long as circle's dont end. MUCH LOVE

  3. also, how come you had to look for the bass player? weren't YOU the bass??


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