Monday, November 30, 2009

"Oh 2π, Mr. Watson"

(joke from math class today...em...)

Well, I had a lovely morning and lazed around at home for a while, since I had a spare block first thing today! It was quite nice. I spent my time watching for some the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi. ( <3 ) Very cool. In fact, when I finish writing this post, I'll be going back to that movie.

Outfit today!

( GAP top, United Colours of Benetton skirt, tights?, Italian suede boots )

First time I've worn as skirt in over a month! crazy! It's been really really cold though, so I do actually have a reason.

Oh! Decorated my house too~


Well that's just a bush but you get the idea!

Oh (again) !
If I ask a question at the bottom of posts sometimes, would you all answer it if you choose to comment, along with whatever it was you were going to say in the first place? maybe?

Question: 'If you were about to be trapped inside a 'Classic' book (old classics.) for..say 5 years, which would you want to be stuck in, and why?'

Robyn's Answer: Personally, I would want to be stuck in Moby Dick, because I want to meet Queequeg and hear Captain Ahab yelled 'Thar she blows! 'Tis the White Whale!!'



  1. Dracula with Bela Lugosi? Hah that brings soo many memories.. a few years back our school's production was about this same Dracula.. and i was a german house wife for it hahaha.. ' so if you feel cosy with bela lugosi this is the show for youu' xD
    Hmm i don't know which classic book i would like to be trapped in.. but if the 'Tarzan' classfies as an old classic then yes! Hahah...

    Goodle x

  2. So love the skirt and boots..well..if I were stuck in a classic book..well..its an old book but I'm not sure a real classic..though he is just a classic writer in my book..Graham Greene's Brighton Rock. I loved pinkie, granted he was evil..but I still liked him. I love reading Dorthy Parker at least once a year too..mainly, her short stories.

  3. Oh..darn..Its a toss up..I fell in love with 100 years of solitude, too. Now that's epic stuff too.

  4. Tree huggers unite! I'm majoring in Environmental Studies...

  5. That skirt is pretty darn enjoyable.
    As for the question, I really can't pick, there are about 11 that I would absolutly love to be stuck in. If Harry potter counted it would override all else (by a lot!), it probably wouldn't though.

  6. aww your comment was too cute! what a nice skirt, i love the shape. and i'm like the opposite of you. the other day i wore pants and i was like "WHOA. pants!"


  7. hello, i just stumbled upon your lovely blog! and as to your question... daphne du maurier's rebecca.


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