Friday, November 20, 2009

News, everyone!

haha ahh Futurama, you slay me!

Well, I'd first like to thank Miss Faux Naif for giving me an award on her blog! I feel so special, thank you! hehe~
(Am I supposed to do something now...? :o )

Sorry I've not posted any cool outfits lately, I've been studying like mad for a Biology test I wrote today. It wasn't as hard as I thought...ah well. But I did study a lot! And then I procrastinated for a while, crocheted myself some lovely mittens to match my scarf!

I've totally never made mittens before, so these really turned out better than I'd expected. While I was making them, I came across the old 1941 'The Wolf Man' movie playing on the BRAVO! Channel, I think it was.
I was so excited! I've never actually seen any old werewolf movies, and when I finally clued in that 'Bela the Gypsy' was played by Bela Lugosi I actually shrieked with joy and ran around my house for a few minutes before calming now evern slightly. Seriously, I love that guy! So awesome~ (But Orson Welles still has the best voice ever gifted upon a human being, and I stand by that)

movie from youtube

Have a trailer! Apparenly they are doing a re-make of this movie sometime soon...which I might go see, but....there will be no Bela! D:
((If anyone has a copy of the 1931 original Dracula film...somehow..send it to me! haha ))

Here are my mittens!


(handmade scarf, handmade mittins, Italian sued boots, Suzy Shier coat, Old navy Jeans, Moscow Jazz Festical shirt)

ahahah you can see my nose! That was really not intended, but it looks pretty cool! hehe. I'm pretty proud of them~

And lastly, before I go buy a Christmas present for my little brother, I have a question;
Does drawing pictures of myself all the time make me vain? I don't really think so..since what do you know better than yourself? but it might...


Me. :D

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Just what you needed! Mittens for this time of year. I'll be need'n soon. So just how fast did you knit them?

    Lovely outfit!


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