Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have an Award!

(my new ostrich, Queequeg!)

So cool! I've never gotten a blog-award before!
The Lovely Miss Faux Naif (which I linked to in my previous post there) nominated me for the Beautiful blogger award! I'll follow those same steps she posted!

Tada! The Award! I'm adding that to my side bar of ..links/image/buttons over there!---->

The rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you for this award. (thaaaaaank yoooooou again!)
-Copy the award and place it on your blog. (yup!)
-Link the person who nominated you. (I did! down there! )
-Tell us seven interesting things about yourself. (I shall do my best!)
-Nominate and post links to seven other blogs. (buuut..but I've not been at this long enough to know 7 whole other

7 Interesting Things about Robyn

1. I'm going to spend my 18th Birthday in Venice next year! And i'm super-excited about it!

2.I've played trumpet in various bands for the last 9 years.

3. I hoard yarn like the world is about to end...and half of it hasn't even been used by me once! But it's all jsut so gosh darn pretty!

4. I'm a salty-sea Sailor!...sometimes! (in the summers!) I sail on a tall ship! Arr! I'm a pirate!
(but I get a bit seasick sometimes....hehe)

5. I dislike Pie. Please stop trying to cook my fruit! I don't enjoy it! (note: This includeds crumbles, crisps, and tarts)

6. Um..I'm going to study Archaeology next year! It's going to hopefully be fairly amazing

7. My favorite animal on the face of this entire earth is the Cuttlefish! I even spend a month making a large crochetted one out of dark blue yarn. I finished him while watching the end of the new King Kong movie a while ago.

nominations for more awards!

I can't give it out to a whole 7 people, but...I have a few!

1. The Wooden Walrus
2. Sasha was the happiest Orange
3. Fashion Bait
4. Knotty By Nature

There! I managed 4! -gasp- haha~


  1. yarn hoarding pirate you...hahahaa.

    Yeap, that yarn can just get to you sometimes. Cool about the mittens...I just sort of crochet as I go with hats.

  2. Aws, thank you dear! Oh and fashion bait is awesome! So adorable <3

  3. That ostrich made me smile.
    I've also been going through previous posts And I really like the shoes -and clothes too while we're at it- that I've been seeing, but I didn't want to be a huge creep and comment on month old posts.

  4. Aww! Thanks for nominating me hun!! :D

    That salad looks yum ^^

    Goodle x

  5. VENICE! oh wow, you lucky thing. that sounds awesome!
    i wish i could sail...
    and whatchu got against pie, hmm? mmm... pie...
    ahh archaeology! wow! i spent two weeks volunteering on an archaeological dig this summer, and it was SO brilliant!

    you deserve that award :)


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