Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brutus Bernini

Is the name of my soon-to-be-hamster!
Does anyone else like those lovely little furry kritters? I used to have a Syrian named 'Chuck Cheddars the Super-Hamster', but he died a few years ago (and I was very upset.) But I'm finally getting another! My brother and I named him today, even though we don't have him yet~ hehe. I'll take pictures when I get him home!

I think I'll start this post formally off with this here:


The lovely Miss.Isabel of Hipster Musings? said in a comment a few posts back that my hair reminded her of Yokoo. Now, until that was mentioned I hadn't actually looked up Yokoo and so I only had a vague Idea of her in my mind. Moments later I gave up on a blanket I had been trying to knit for a year and cast the entire thing off into one 8-foot long strip, which I decided to wind into that huge scarf I'm wearing above. THEN I actually went and looked up Yokoo.

"Huh!" I thought, "I do kind of remind myself of her! Straaange world."

And it really is.
But regardless of....whatever that was all supposed to mean I have been wearing that scarf all weekend long! It's so crazy-looking, and I love it! (mostly glad that my knitting actually gained a purpose, even if it's not what I had in mind to start with.)


I found this amazing set of 'fancy' grilled-cheese recipies the other day in some old magazine kicking around the art room at school. This one was called the 'O Canada'

-Cover two slices of bread with nippy (aged) cheddar
-Add Canadian Bacon or thin apple slices dusted with cinnimon
-butter outsides and cook until melted in a frying pan.

It was really good! I did the one with bacon, but I swear I will actually try the apple one sometime! It sounds amazing~

And Finally for all you fine people, here is my King Neptune.


Isn't he great?! <3

Good night All!


  1. Yokoo is so cool! It's totally a good thing that you remind me of her. I love that massive scarf!

  2. I don't like hamsters.. lol
    Come check the new stunning posts! ^^



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