Monday, November 16, 2009


-happy dance-

I've had a good day!
(except for the getting the H1N1 shot. My arm hurts! >: )

1st Good thing:

-take a huge breath!-

sorry! I'm excited! It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the zipper to do up, because I was stranding strangely, and it is very fitted, so it wouldn't close unless the smallest part was sitting right at the waist. But It fits! That's the main thing!

Blue Velvet peoples! I adore them right now~ Thank you so much!
And thank you for the lovely bracelet you sent as well! It's so pretty, I'll probably wear it for the next week or so without ever taking it off. <3!
Also, the dress is more of a blue/green than the picture I posted earlier, which is just dandy, since I wanted a green dress to begin with anyways. Its greener than these picture show too...And is fully lined with a purple..something-fabric.
And and and! I have a petticoat to wear under it! (I'm having fun with this, allow me to indulge please!)
Pictures! I will get better shoes.





haha That last one took me a few minutes of editting to finish~ I'm so proud!
That was right when...I decided it would be a good idea to, wearing a fancy silk dress, and heels, turn the timer on and go running around during a wind-storm. Brilliant, Robyn!


In other news, Yesteerday I crocheted myself a watch!


Cool huh? It kept my wrist warm all day long! And confussed the masses, which was ever so fun.

In other-other news, I just applyed to university this evening. Major life step, i know! I'm excited/nervous! Hurray!

I'm not making to much sense, so I'll leave you all alone now!
Bueno Noche!


  1. The dress is adorable! The color is insane ;)

  2. So lovely! Cool photo edit! Love the bracelets you made the last one.

  3. Haha the last photo is awesome! I was like what? she has twin sisters?? Blonde moment ^^
    The dress is freakin gorgeous! beautifully shaped, awesome 50s design!!

    Goodle x

  4. ok, NO BIG DEAL, but i gave you an award on my blog.
    also. a crocheted watch. that is genius beyond genius. you should market that idea to urban outfitters or something. i want one.

  5. Getting pretty things in the mail makes life better. Also, that crochet watch is completely adorable! You are too clever, my friend.

  6. Love your dress, it makes you look grown up.
    ~ ~ Aunty

  7. Notice the eyebrows have been separated from the eyes & nose.


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